Travel: Why you need to visit Mount Kenya


One of the biggest things metaphorically, and literally that our country has to offer is the second largest Mountain in Africa. Mt. Kenya can only be described as a show off in creation. The beauty, mystique, and elegance it captures standing so high up touching the clouds is majestic. Its peak seems to capture the skies, and the clouds dance around it in an awe inducing piece of art come together.

Zebras graze near famous Mount Kenya. Image from
Zebras graze near famous Mount Kenya. Image from

Situated near Nanyuki and Naru Moro, Mt. Kenya is easily accessible by means of private and public transport. With a whooping 5,199m above sea level, the final summit is a challenging technical climb but the lower point named Peak Lenana is a more reachable goal for any fit trekker, being 4,985 meters high. This trek takes between 3 and 5 days, through a fascinating world of forests, wildlife, and unique mountain vegetation including pod carpus and groundsel, and finally one of the world’s rarest sights, equatorial snow.

The mountain is an awe-inspiring sight. Its ragged series of peaks are crowned with snow, and its slopes are thick with forest. The mountain is best seen at dawn, when the early light silhouettes its impressive summit high over the surrounding plains. It is filled with mystery of legend and tales of being the residence of the Kikuyu God, Ngai. Traditionally, as Magical Kenya shares, it was known as Kirinyaga, or the place of light and all the Kikuyu homes were built facing towards it.

This is not to say that if you are not one for the trekking and hiking of high mountains there is no point in visiting Mt. Kenya. If it was for the sight alone though it would be worth it though, but for those who may not appreciate that fully there are plenty of other experiences to encounter in the Mt. Kenya region. The Mt. Kenya site in fact shares a few.


The circuit is surrounded by both public and privately managed parks with a wide range of game from the rare Bongo to the big five. The parks include; Aberdare National park, Mt Kenya National Park, Meru National park, Ol- pajeta Conservancy, Solio Ranch and Sangare Ranch.


Mt Kenya and Aberdare are the main water towers in the country with cascading streams of clear waters that is a haven for trout fish. The lovers of fly fishing will find it the most ideal location for the game. Burguret, Thegu, Sagana, Honi, Chania rivers are among the best locations for the sport.


In the company of professional tour guides equipped with the knowledge and skill of nature interpretation, Mt Kenya offers the freedom and space to walk in a variety of ecological Zones. Such adventurer walks provide relaxation and an enhanced knowledge of our environment.


Mt Kenya has a rich history of Kenya’s independence. The legendary Mau Mau caves used by the freedom fighters as hideouts, and other historical sites dot the region. A visit to these sites gives the visitor a “back in time” experience that is unforgettable.


The location of the circuit on the equator makes it climatically ideal for wild camping and team building. All camp sites are ideally located on secure and accessible spots with suitable grounds for bonding and outdoor exercises to rejuvenate the whole team.


Mt Kenya Circuit is a bird life habitat. Visitors to the region are able to catch a rare glimpse of the most unique tropical birds including buzzards, cliff chat, machachite, Sunbird, red chested cuckoo, yellow vested Bulbul, eagles and the rare makinders eagle owls.


The mighty Tana River originating from its tributaries with sources in Mt Kenya and the Aberdare’s meanders across the Sagana plains forming the most gorgeous turns for canoeing and water rafting. The thrill of white water rafting is lifetime challenge.

These and more are experiences you can have while also enjoying the thrill of waking up each morning with something so magnificent towering high above you. It tends to put life into perspective and help as realize how small we really are. Hotels in Nyanyuki and Naru Moro can organize transfers to the gates of Mt. Kenya National Park.

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