Cloud Service provider, Node Africa launches in Kenya

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A company that took 6 weeks to create and execute a brilliant idea was launched yesterday. Node Africa is an information management company as well as a cloud infrastructure company. The main problem with having a cloud company in Kenya is because of slow internet speeds although CEO Phares Kariuki believes that Africa will be the cloud first continent because of nominal infrastructure.

Node Africa logo. Image from
Node Africa logo. Image from


The new company has experience building highly available secure infrastructures (the CEO was part of Angani). Their main aim is to ensure that there is quality of information management in a way that data is preserved and delivered. When it comes to their clients they look at your needs and create solutions as required. Node Africa promises to figure out client’s problems to ensure that the system is driven by the user. By the end of this year they will have a mini-call center to give constant support to any customer. Their motto is “call us, we come running”,

VMware, Microsoft and Cisco are Node Africa’s partners. The well known companies support the cloud system as the future of technology and internet. So far Strathmore, Pesapal and Tarpo are their clients. By getting rid of servers, workload will be much easier to move to locally hosted or off-shore infrastructure. In basic terms a cloud is a model of data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. According to Dave Funnel, manager of the cloud provider program in Sub-Saharan Africa there is nothing better than having cloud services. Businesses such as Uber evolve faster because of cloud. This process promises businesses that could evolve faster, because despite who owns the infrastructure, it’s how fast it will speed up your business when you invest.

Virtual services are becoming better to have than physical services because they are much faster and you can get access from anywhere. Kenya is one of the countries with fast technology growth and it has many online businesses so it is important to have data security as well as an organized one. There are many companies that run their companies on cloud simply using internet without owning the actual products. For example Facebook is cloud computing. In fact cloud computing is in our lives every day, when you send an email to run an errand that is the power of cloud computing. Cloud is becoming the new normal in Kenya as it is. The most amazing thing is that you can work from anywhere and all software updates are automatic.

It is simply a new door that Node Africa has opened for many entrepreneurs. Starting an actual physical company takes time as well as investments. Online companies where security and management is ensured is what we need. This way you can have many employees across borders and share information faster. It is clear that cloud computing is the next big thing.

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