The crop top: how to wear it

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There is a lot I see in our city centre. Kenya has become a liberal African country fashion-wise, and with this newfound freedom, I think some people are embarrassing themselves. My apologies if I hurt your feelings. Tumbo cuts, crop tops, short tops or whatever else you’d like to call the tops that show a part of your tummy or belly button. There is nothing wrong with crop tops; in fact, they are quite flattering.

For every size, there is a crop top for you.

Small girls with completely flat tummies may walk around flaunting their small figures with their tight jeans and it won’t affect them. As a matter of fact, this group of girls can always wear crop tops with long skirts, tight jeans or with shorts. This type of crop tops can be short enough almost seeing your bra and funny enough they can pull it off. Leave it to them.

Medium-sized girls: Most girls in this group are usually a bit fleshy and neither big nor small. They often have curves with sometimes a proportional figure where the hips and bust are the same size or sometimes one is bigger than the other. Tummies in this group are not bulging but let’s face it, it’s not a Serena William toned tummy. If you force issues wearing a crop top with tight jeans it backfires. What then happens is that the tight jeans divide your stomach into two’s or three’s then on top of it you insist on wearing crop tops. How To Choose The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type

This is where you look outlandish in the Nairobi streets. Yes, confidence is everything but at times confidence is stupid. If confidence tells you that wearing a full-blown crop top is wise then you might as well deter that confidence. There are crop tops for you too. You see crop tops are like tops that are in different sizes. One is for small people by which they can wear one that can almost show their boobs or your size.

If you do have a flat stomach then you must still think about your breasts, if they are too big there are crop tops that you should not wear. Instead, consider wearing crop tops that do reveal too much but just a bit of skin that makes your waist look smaller as well. It would also look better if you wear your crop top with a long skirt that would make you look elegant and decent. If it’s a night out, ensure that you wear fitting jeans notice I said fitting, not one that suffocates you as you walk around. This way you may wear a crop top comfortably.

Crop top. Image from
Crop top. Image from

Plus size: Plus size women there are also crop tops for you. The problem is when you wear crop tops that leave your tummy hanging out. This happens to be unattractive, with this size flattering clothes are usually the ones that fit and are decent. I hope you noticed that I did not say you should hide your body with oversized jumpers. But when it comes to crop tops, it’s best that you wear full crop tops. These tops usually cover your tummy though it is not full length either. These kinds of crop tops are good as they are short enough so that you can show off your hips and at the same time feel comfortable in your skin and size.

When it comes to size, every size can look amazing. Though more often than not when we try to wear either oversized clothes or too small we give people the assumption of a size that we really are not. The same goes with crop tops, this is an amazing fashion trend that has come up but as I always emphasize find your own size, your own taste and style.

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