Relationships: Gifts To Get Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Valentines gifts for men. Image from

Almost everything about Valentine’s Day screams ‘girls!’ From red hearts to teddy bears, chocolates and an ‘I love you’ sign on every retail store, the whole day diverts attention to the ladies. But who says that the day has to be all about the girl? Why not kick away tradition and spoil your guy? Here are some gifts to give the man in your life on Valentine’s Day:

Valentines gifts for men. Image from
Valentines gifts for men. Image from

1. Gadgets: Men love gadgets and gizmos. Electronics and gadgets have been tried, tested and proven as one of the best gifts to get for men, plus men generally love it when their special ladies account for their taste in big boy toys.

2. Cook for him: The statement ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ has never disappointed. Go out of your way and focus on the things he likes, and also spruce it up a bit; if he likes meat, then focus on some juicy steaks or a nicely done fried chicken. You can even add dessert: go for chocolate and make it even more interesting by adding up some strawberries.

3. Watches: Luxury timepieces have never gone out of style as a premium gift. Go for a statement piece that has leather and stainless steel and watch him break necks without breaking your bank account.

4. Undies: Ladies aren’t the only ones who love nice comfortable underpants. Get him some comfortable briefs or boxers, according to what he usually prefers, especially with the brands that he likes. Men are especially particular about their boxer brands.

5. Game together: Buy him a new video game. See if there are any new releases or even ask his friends what he’s been itching to play. Then take a step further and actually play with him, the best part will be the two of you playing together.

6. Rugged manly scents: This might be a good day to treat him to some heavenly rugged scents. Men’s colognes always smell good and you can get him the ultimate scent whether it’s woody and musky or light and citrusy.

7. His favorite team’s jersey: Most guys already own a jersey from his favorite sports team but you can always surprise him with another. It shows that you actually pay attention to what he’s interested in.

8. Take him out to watch the game: If he’s into rugby, take him to watch a friendly match, get him his favorite beer while you’re at it. Or if you both don’t feel like going out, you can always get comfortable on the couch and cheer on the game from the comfort of your home.

9. Write him a poem: Bring out your artistic side and come up with a piece that for example describes why you love him. Even if you don’t know how to, you can borrow a line or two from renowned poets and writers and you can even get it framed for his bedside table.

10. Make him a mix tape: You can put together a playlist of songs he really enjoys or even tracks that the both of you love. You could keep it a bit old school and burn it onto a CD and wrap it up.

11. Get him a book: Indulge his bookworm nature (for those who love reading books) and add onto his collection. It could be a new book from one of his favorite authors or even a different book with similar tastes to the ones he prefers.

12. Bath and body baskets for men: Who says that men don’t like feeling pampered? Shop for relaxing massage and body oils and spoil him even further by giving him a really good massage.

13. Drink up: Research on some nice bottles of Scotch, whiskey or Brandy. Get him his favourite bottle of choice.

14. Get him a self portrait: If his house needs a bit of an artistic touch to the walls, why not do so with a framed picture of him on the wall. You could get someone to bring his picture to life on a canvas then get a really good frame to make it an intriguing work of art.

15. Spend time with him: Nothing says you care about him more than spending quality time with your man.

16. Treat him to a massage. Who said only women like to be pampered? Get a voucher for a reputable spa and let him get a massage.

17. Plan a getaway. Don’t always wait for your man to take you out. Since Valentine’s is on a weekend why not plan a getaway for the two of you.

18. Take him out for Dinner. Why not spoil your man for Valentines Day? It’s not only women who want to be taken out for dinner. Take your man to his favourite restaurant to appreciate him.

Ladies you can also pamper your man on Valentine’s Day. Love is not a one way street. Treat him well and show him that you also care about him. You can also use this list for gifts for his birthday.

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