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Lukenya getaway. Image from

Tucked away close to Daystar University beneath the yellow sun of Masaku, just five kilometers off Mombasa road is Lukenya Getaway. Lukenya Getaway is a great place to visit. It is located a few meters from Daystar University in a very autonomous and serene environment. As you drive in you will be greeted by a very warm security detail whose priority is to ensure your security in this resort.

Lukenya getaway. Image from
Lukenya getaway. Image from

There are different types of accommodation. Right from luxury suites with very attractive honeymoon packages to cottages under the bamboos Lukenya is an awesome experience. If you like the finer things in life be sure to try the luxury suites. For those willing to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in order to enjoy the facilities to the fullest make sure you sign up for the daily activities, there are a variety of activities planned out each day for you.

Not forgetting corporates, or those who come for team building activities, there are plenty of grounds, beautifully manicured lawns for team building activities not to mention the array of in house professionals to keep you motivated and re- ignite that spark, the bond that brings teams together, impact on the level of communication, service and efficiency will be inevitable.

The meals are great. For full board, you get to experience a wide range of options in the three course buffet. For the foodies out there, Lukenya Getaway has a reputation for serving delicious fresh food and beautiful non-alcoholic cocktails. A very good place to retreat with the family, the kids can be busy playing in the swimming pool which is big enough for adults too; the hawk eyed life guard is always on standby. Mums you need not be on your toes at all time. You can let the kids have fun; they can play in the jumping castles among many other child friendly activities as you sip your nonalcoholic cocktail enjoying the sunset and the high speed internet.

On a sunny afternoon, just behind Tsavo Hall you may see a herd of gracefully grazing antelopes, a rare and beautiful sight indeed.

You will not get bored in the room either, there is cable, and you can flip the channels as you unwind any time of the day. It will be a pity to spend all your time in the room though, as the resort has a pretty good environment to take walks and the WIFI is all over no need to worry about that.

Conference packages are many you get to pick from a list of seven great packages tailored depending on the needs of individual teams and capacity. The time I spend in one of the conference rooms was great, the hall is well located, clean washrooms, the air conditioning was splendid not to mention the lighting, it all shouts class and elegance.

So the next time you find yourself needing a break from the daily routines, or needing a team building experience be sure to check out Lukenya Getaway.

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