Travel: Try out Castle Lodge in Kerugoya

Castle Lodge Kerugoya. Image from

The love month is finally here and the missus keeps asking what the plan is. Well, I’ll tell you what; choose a place that allows you to create your own ambience. Be in a tranquil yet adventurous environment with your lady. A place where technology will not interfere with the romantic mood, he can’t switch any TV on to watch the game because it does not exist. A place where all you hear are the waterfalls and the birds chirping happily. This is where the Kenyan Cinderella would live if she was real. More often than not, a restaurant and a bouquet of red roses is what most men get for their women during this time. Why not try this hotel that is a home away from home with a swimming pool that looks like a mini ocean.

Castle Lodge Kerugoya. Image from
Castle Lodge Kerugoya. Image from

Let’s move from the typical valentine expectation. Supersede this norm and be a romantic. Nature gives you the opportunity to play a guitar if you’re a musician in peace, have conversations without interruption among other things. This perfection exists in Castle Lodge Kerugoya. This historic place has a house that was built in 1910 with river stones and wood from the surrounding forest and rivers. Apparently the late Jomo Kenyatta and Queen Elizabeth visited castle lodge while they were young. The Castle was renovated in 2000 to be able to accommodate more guests. From Nairobi it is a three hour drive, off the Kutus-Kirinyaga road.

The place has the ideal kind of environment for a romantic getaway. It has a sort of magic to it that reconnects you to your loved ones. The environment is comfortable and stress free. For a place that is in the middle of a forest their food is to die for! From breakfast to dinner, there is no meal that would possibly disappoint your taste buds. I mentioned earlier that you have to create your own ambience? Yes, this is when you force a spark to come back alive and not revisit past arguments but instead create solutions. Warning! Do not leave your cabins unattended because of elephants. Most hotel warnings are about their fridge, towels and expenses. Not in castle lodge though, it promises adrenaline as you walk into the forest and see the amazing wonders of nature.

There is a waterfall, and horses galloping around the area. The whole environment takes you into your own little world, the only reason you’d want to use your phone is to take photos which would be ten times better than one near a hotel bar in Nairobi. Finally when the sun goes back home and the moon as well as the stars take over there’s only one thing to look at; the sky. This would be the perfect time to hand over a rose.

If you end up in this castle, you will most certainly take more nature trips. You will resuscitate a part of you that the loud Nairobi streets steal. So in the month of February, the month of love, bring back a spark in Castle Lodge, Kerugoya.

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