20 Ways To Impress Your Special Lady This Valentines

A man serenading his lady. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/50172983322199280/

It’s that time of the year again, when the town is painted red (literally). Seeing women (and men) walking around with a huge bouquet of red flowers and also adorning red attired is inevitable. But guess what guys? It’s not a dozen long-stemmed freshly cut roses and a rather pricey box of chocolate treats that get ladies misty-eyed whenever this holiday comes up. Most women are far more impressed by gestures and gifts that are straight from the heart, not your pocket.

A man serenading his lady. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/50172983322199280/
A man serenading his lady. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/50172983322199280/

It’s the thought that counts. Not just the fact that you had planned to get her some lavish gifts, but that you put some thought into it.

Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for the special ladies in your life that you can implement:

1. Get a bit creative: This especially goes to the men who think that getting a lady a gift for Valentine’s includes getting her kitchen appliances. Get creative. Go outside your comfort zone and get her something she would really appreciate. Hide little gifts or notes in her car, her jewellery box or that coat she loves wearing. You can also get your family or friends to help out in this.

2. Listen to her: Some women drop hints on what they would want for Valentine’s. Listen to her and get her exactly what she wants. Do not copy – paste ideas you have seen elsewhere.

3. Wine: Wine is always a romantic gift. Research on some nice bottles of Red or White wine, Merlot or Chardonnay. Splurge on something you’ll both enjoy.  Check out Wine tips for beginners.

4. Chocolates: You can never go wrong with a nice box of chocolates. Get a little bit creative and get her a tower of chocolates. They can be either dark, white or caramel filled.

5. Jewellery: Get her something she’s been eyeing for a while. You can get her a silver pendant or a diamond necklace and earrings. If she loves rings, get her something that she can also wear with her day to day clothes

6. Perfume: Fine perfume is always a tasteful gift for Valentine’s Day. Getting the right scent might be a bit tricky but you can always ask for help at the perfume shop. Go for something with a hint of rose or jasmine. Plus, every time she sprays it on her wrists, she’ll be thinking of you

7. Makeup: You can get a perfect small gift bag that includes the makeup she usually puts on. And if you’re worried about getting the wrong color or brand, take a peek at what she’s currently using and ask to be assisted at the shop to get exactly what she uses.

8. Candles: Get some scented candles that really set the mood in your bedroom. You can never go wrong with scents like rose petals, champagne, cinnamon or dark chocolate.

9. Shower scrub and moisture set: Buy her a shower scrub set that comes with lotions, shower cream, body butter, lip butter and body sprays that will leave her feeling like the queen she is.

10. Lingerie: One can never really go wrong with lingerie. Go for one in her favorite color, or you can also get a set with a color you love to spice things up.

11. Customized lockets: you can get her a locket that has a picture of yourself inside the locket.

12. Get sentimental with a token from your first date: Relive the onset of your relationship with a throwback to the early start of your relationship by getting her something that reminds her of the first night you met.

13. Treat her to a spa day at home: With curated gift boxes that have signature bath and massage bars, your spouse will be able to unwind at the comfort of your home. Lifestyle: 6 Tips On How To Create A Home Spa Night

14. Roses: You can opt to buy her flowers as well, but instead of the normal red, go for bold colors like violet or you can get her flowers that she prefers for example lilies or carnations.

15. Scavenger hunt: Create a fun little game for her where you leave her clues and tips and a final list that would give her a sneak peek of the gift or gifts you’ve bought for her. Add a bit of adventure to the romance.

16. Make a little scrapbook that depicts all the little things you love about her: You can also add photos, especially those that you take when she’s not looking. Those random pictures taken when you’re not paying attention that show the true element of someone, like those when she is really engrossed reading her favorite book.

17. Get her a book: It might sound a bit geeky but there are some ladies who enjoy reading a lot. Go out of your way to look for that one book that has been sold out for a while and watch her eyes swell up with love once you get it for her.

18. Say something: Who needs Shakespeare? It doesn’t have to be a sonnet or a long list of rhyming words, anything that you write that is heartfelt will be a winner. The effort that you put into that will earn more points for you

19. Take her shopping: It can sometimes get a bit tricky in buying your spouse with shoes or clothes especially since you can get her something of the wrong size. As much as you want to surprise her, it’s much safer to just surprise her with the gift of going shopping together.

20. Make time for her: There is no greater gift than the gift of time. If she’s working on that day, pamper her as she gets home. Take her bag and coat as soon as she gets in the house, massage her and listen to her as she complains about how tired she is then do all you can to make her smile. Let it be all about her at that time.

21. You can also take her out to dinner. This would be a great time to check out Valentines offers for different hotels. If you are not so fluid with cash at the moment, why not make her a delicious dinner at home. Make sure to set the mood with some romantic music, mood lighting and maybe some roses to set the scene.

Remember, love is not just to be shown on Valentine’s Day. You should constantly appreciate your partner and make them feel special. 6 Simple Ways To Re-ignite Your Relationship Spark

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