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There is a need in human beings that will never be satiated. The need to travel. People will travel for different reasons – for adventure, to visit new places, meet new people or just take time away from the usual work and relax. Depending on the nature of your job, you may be required to travel once in a while for business purposes. Since most people have a specific routine and spend hours in offices working, they often get it wrong when it comes to business travel. Below are some of the business travel essentials that will help you when you will have an assignment that requires travelling.

Man well dressed in a suit. Image from
Man well dressed in a suit. Image from

Prepare in advance

When it comes to getting organized for business travel, nothing beats prior preparation. Avoid the last minute rush and book that flight early, that hotel you are going to spend time in and all the other means of transport that you will be using while away for the business trip. Preparing in advance helps you to sieve through the many deals that are there and only choose the best that suits you.

Organize and carry all the necessary documents

Business travel will involve you carrying many documents. Probably you will be attending a meeting where you will make a presentation. Instead of having all the documents on your laptop, have hard copies to act as backup in case you lost the soft copies for whatever reasons. Have your credit cards, your passports, visas and business cards ready. It would be unfortunate to remember these documents while you’re almost at the airport or bus station. Business cards are particularly important for this kind of travel. Safety of these documents should be paramount as their loss could cause unnecessary disruptions.

Be keen on your health

You travel because you have an assignment that you’ll have to complete. You do not want to get to your destination and are unable to tackle the assignment because you fell ill. Ensure that the meals you take on the journey do not affect you. It is prudent to take just snacks and lots of water so that you’re in your best state of health to meet that client or investor or business colleague.

Ensure all the devices are working

Devices such as phones and laptops should be fully functional. Communication should not be hindered because your phone ran out of charge or presentation is not done because the laptop failed at the last minute. Have back up sources of power to facilitate this.

It is important to note because of terrorism concerns there are airplanes or airports that will not allow you in with devices that cannot be switched on because they may hide a bomb. So make sure your devices are charged. Please note that this is now part of the security procedures in the US and UK.

Have emergency funds

Sometimes the unfortunate happens and people lose the luggage that contained money or the credit cards. This frustrating scenario leaves the traveller stranded at the airport or a bus station. To avoid this, you should have an emergency fund stored safely and separately from the rest of the luggage. As they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Dress smartly and comfortably

Don a neatly ironed suit or dress. Put on clothes that send a business statement as you may be required to meet other business people. These people might not take you seriously if you were dressed casually as if you were going on a vacation. Again, ensure you are comfortable in those clothes. It would be inappropriate to attend a meeting, sweat trickling down your face simply because you wore clothes that caused you discomfort. If you are always travelling for business make sure you have some clothes that can be worn straight out of the suitcase just in case you have to land, change clothes and run for a meeting.

Invest in wrinkle free clothes

You also need to learn how to pack for business travel. You have to be conscious that where you are going you may not a laundry or be able to iron your clothes because of power surges and such. Will you go to the meeting with wrinkled clothes? Invest in wrinkle free outfits. Also learn how to pack items like suit jackets so that they don’t wrinkle in your suitcase. Check out this article on how to pack your suit jacket.

The nature of business travels is differs from person to person therefore choose what suits you whenever you’re travelling for business reasons.

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