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Denim on Denim

We love to love denim. You can wear it in almost a million different ways; whether in the form of a dress, jeans, shirt or a jacket, Denim is a must have for anyone’s wardrobe.

Denim is universally loved for several reasons:

  • It almost never goes of style: Denim has seen its iconic moments in every generation. From flared pants to skinny jeans, denim has seen classic changes to it style but the statement still remains: denim is here to stay.
  • It’s comfy enough for casual days but can also be dressed up for events and even meetings!
  • You can dress up with denim with almost anything: from a white tee, to a skater skirt to African print, denim goes with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

One of the golden rules for denim fashion is never to mix denim on denim, but there are always exceptions to this rule. Double denim is a trend that has been around for a while now and it seems that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The trick in pulling off double denim is in the pieces you choose to accentuate your style. Less is always more. Here are some tips to help you out as you work the denim on denim look:

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Play with colors if you’re a beginner

You can always start out by throwing a few different shades of denim together, or you can accessorize your jeans with a dash of color. You can go for example with the classic white t-shirt and blue jeans or mix it up with colored pants and a top of a different color. It’s almost impossible to go wrong this way. You can also try tie and dye combinations as well as floral print jeans or even acid wash mixtures to try and make the outfit less overpowering by mixing two dark shades.

Distressed jeans

The distressed look is back! There’s something adventurous and still classic about distressed denim (ripped jean shorts or jeans). Don’t be afraid to rip away.

Keep it simple

The key for how to wear all denim is to keep your outfit simple. Less is more, so keep it simple with two denim pieces of clothing in classic cuts. You can break it up with basics and neutral accessories like a statement piece of jewelry.

Think print

Do you feel like your denim on denim look is missing a little something? You can liven it up with a dash of print. A printed shirt worn under an open denim jacket or shirt is a great way to break up a denim top and bottoms combination.

If you’re going for the double denim look

You can always work double denim in other ways. Wear a denim headband or unassuming clutch into your outfit for a different way to work the double denim and as you do you can spruce up your outfit with statement heels or nicely done red lips. If you’re wearing denim on your top half and bottom half, break up the look with a belt. Patent accessories and polished makeup is a stylish way for how to wear all denim.

But don’t wear denim accessories.

Keep the jeans confined to your clothing and just say no to denim shoes, a denim hat or any other accessory. Don’t overdo the denim. The rule is always to keep it simple.

Don’t go for the cowboy look

When some people think of denim on denim, they think cowboys hats and cowboys boots. But unless you’re intentionally going for that look, stay away from the red boots and chunky belts.

Don’t pair baggy and baggy

Trying to pull off a baggy pair of jeans and a shirt that doesn’t fit is not a good look. The aim here is to make sure either your jeans are slim or your shirt or jacket is well fitting.

For all the dos and dont check out this article The 8 Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Denim on Denim.

Don’t be afraid to change your style a little bit but always make sure that you are comfortable in what you wear before you even get out of the house. Being comfortable is style in itself.

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