Technology And Social Media – Time To Unplug


It’s one thing to get information or entertainment from the internet and another to just waste time switching from one social media platform to another. Nowadays, people are hooked to their phones in the name of research, keeping in touch and keeping abreast of the affairs in the country. Students (try to) study while their phones are close to them so that they keep refreshing the updates on social media. Boardrooms or conference halls without Wi-Fi are seen as being very ancient.

Internet is almost a basic need now. It is unfortunate that people waste hours surfing only to realize that they haven’t done much at the end of the day. Subsidized data bundles do little to help. With little money, you can purchase more bundles that will help you remain online longer. This trend has affected relationships, businesses as well as other spheres of human beings. Sometimes it’s good to put your phone away from you, hold a one on one conversation with someone, enjoy a meal or just stay away from the internet-To unplug. Here are pointers you could use to help you achieve this.

Use an alarm clock

When you use your phone as your alarm clock to alert you in the morning, there will always be that temptation of checking what’s trending on the internet before you step out of your bed. Before you know it, much time is wasted and you may end up running late. Have an alarm clock that is not in your phone and if possible, switch off the phone until you are out of the bed.

Set goals realistic goals

It is impossible to just quit using the internet in one move. Realize that you need time to cut down the time you spend online. Start by staying offline for a few hours then longer periods until you are able to fully unplug.

Keep gadgets away during special moments

Special moments such as dates or a reunion or a meeting should be respected. Avoid checking your phone every five minutes or less. This gives the impression that you are either bored or disinterested in what the other parties have to say. Switch off the phones and check them once you’re done with the meeting.

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Do things differently

What’s the first thing you do once you wake up? Check your phone? Then you might have to reconsider how your day starts. Instead of your phone taking up all your morning hours, consider doing things differently-maybe reading a chapter from a book, meditating, morning runs or any other activity that will help you stay away from your phone.

Delete the time-consuming apps

With cheap data bundles, free Wi-Fi and other affordable rates of accessing the internet, people tend to download many applications on their phones. Some of these applications are no better than time-wasters that take up your time. Instead of using precious time playing games and or scrolling through your phone, why don’t you get rid of those apps and remain with what makes sense?

Avoid bragging about personal moments

Nowadays, people litter other people’s newsfeeds by uploading many photos of their personal moments. Whether you are out partying with your friends or you just bought an expensive item, avoid bragging online. What this does is that you will keep checking your gadget to see the number of likes, comments and reactions from people about what you posted.

Unless your work requires that you use the internet or constantly stay on your phone, do not get hooked to these gadgets as you will only end up wasting time. Learn to manage the time you spend with your gadgets, do not rely on them so much that you cannot be productive if you are not around them. Learn to unplug.

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