The Russian doll Matryoshka shares characteristics with Russian women

Russian Matryoshka Stacking Babushka Wooden Dolls. Image from

Mysterious Russian Soul

Probably, you’ve seen a Russian nested doll called “matryoshka”. It’s a set of similar dolls of decreasing size where a smaller doll is placed into a bigger one. The largest doll in the set symbolizes the unity of generations, family ties, traditions, religion, and culture. The smallest one shows that it’s a part of the whole construction, that is, of the family tree, culture, and traditions. The construction of matryoshkas can be compared with the multi-faceted nature of a Russian woman’s soul. To discover its essence, you need to look at it through the prism of the previous generations and focus not on the bright appearance but on what is hidden inside. It’s one of the approaches towards understanding the mysterious Russian soul. The following typical features by Dating Site of the inner world of Russian women will make clear that concept.

Russian Matryoshka Stacking Babushka Wooden Dolls. Image from //
Russian Matryoshka Stacking Babushka Wooden Dolls. Image from

• Deep love. In Russian literature, one can find some interpretations of the mysterious Russian soul. One of them describes it as the ability to love self-forgetfully and as the readiness to sacrifice everything for the sake of the beloved one. When a Russian woman is in love, she can do anything for her man. She will follow him to the ends of the world like the wives of Russian revolutionaries did. If he is going through a hardship, she’ll be by his side and he’ll stay the best for her no matter what. The expression “blind love” is very popular in Russia as it reflects the situation in which many Russian women find themselves. Sometimes it’s hard for them to explain why they’ve chosen this particular man to be their husband, especially if he can’t boast of good looks or outstanding talents. This is all because Slavic women are governed by their hearts not by their mind when it comes to choosing a life partner.

• Spirituality. Religion has been an integral part of the daily life of Russians. The values of Orthodox Church have been cherished and kept by the generations. That’s why mercy, kindness, the ability to forgive and the readiness to give a helping hand to someone who is in need – all of these virtues can be found in Russian girls. This is also where the respect for parents and elder people and unconditional love for husband and children stem from. One might say that some of the Christian principles are typical of a weak person. Maybe, this weakness is, in fact, the strength of Russian women.

• Rich inner world. Generally, Russian women are very well-educated; sometimes they have even two or more degrees. Being brought up on the masterpieces of the foreign and Russian literature, most of them keep that desire for reading in the adulthood. Slavic women also keenly appreciate the beauty of nature which is very important for the Russian folk. Each Russian woman is unique and talented in her own way, although they are not always ready to reveal all their talents at once.

• Intuition. Russian women often rely on their sixth sense that rarely lets them down. That natural perspicacity is bred in the bone. It’s very difficult to conceal something from a Russian woman as her gut feeling and a talent to decipher a body language will let her understand what her interlocutor really thinks or what they hide from her.

• Sincerity. They are not afraid to speak their mind and appreciate it when other people are sincere as well. If a Russian doesn’t like something, she won’t keep silent but tell what she thinks at once in order to make her position clear. She will expect the same attitude from the others. An interesting example here is Russian women’s attitude towards compliments. If a man tells a Western woman that she is beautiful, she’ll normally thank him and that’s it. When a Slavic woman hears a compliment, she doesn’t take it seriously because in Russian cultural environment compliments are treated as insincere remarks that usually don’t mean anything. Western men shouldn’t be surprised if a Russian will ask in return how he can say that without even knowing her. This is another proof that the inner beauty is more important for those women and they want to be loved not only for their stunning appearance.

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