Will Kiki be able to get a bae before Valentines? #Bae4Kiki


Help Kiki find a Bae

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and Cupid busy shooting his arrows everywhere he sees fit, the search for someone to spend it with has become a desperate task. As some run away from the responsibility that the ‘day of love’ brings, one man has gone above and beyond to find someone special.

Kenyan software developer, Kiki Kariuki Marima whose love for avocados is one thing that makes him stand out, now has 3 days to look for a bae. Kiki who even went ahead and created a website (kmarima.com/bae) is on the search for love and he has now turned to the internet to help solve his problem.

Kiki Kariuki Marima

He goes ahead to describe himself as a software developer with a passion for avocados and he has no beard. He adds that his single status had become apparent to him especially as Valentine’s Day draws near and he resolved to turn to the internet for assistance in the search of a girlfriend.

We all know how Kenyans just love to help; since the website went up, his story has been doing rounds on the internet, from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram.

He was even invited for an interview with Capital Fm in the morning who have decided to throw in a treat for him courtesy of First Class Cars. The treat includes: a pick up & drop in the First Class Cars Mercedes S class, dinner at a 5 star hotel, champagne, chocolate and roses; all this is if the avocado lover can find bae in time for Valentine’s.

Kiki who is not only an avocado lover but also a Christian, a scientist, philanthropist and software developer also enjoys some of the arts. One of the excerpts from his poems reads:

“Dear Santa, this is my annual plea,
Maybe you are blind, and cannot see,
How my chin is smooth and bare,
Desperately in need of facial hair.
You know I’ve never asked you for much,
All I ask is that when I touch,
Below my mouth above my neck,
That I would get more than a tiny speck”

The poem is in relation to the fact that Kiki has 24 strands of hair on his chin and despite chemical treatments, prayer and fasting and even sowing seeds; his plea has not yet been answered in terms of him growing a beard.
But even with his prayer for a beard not being answered, he still hopes to get a young lucky lady by Valentine’s Day as he has also shown a lot of courage and bravery by sharing his longing to have somebody special. He has also put his ego aside in his search for a girlfriend.

If that’s not enough, Kiki had also been invited to take his new bae to Mandhari restaurant courtesy of the Serena hotels who also caught wind of his story that was doing rounds on the internet.

Do you think Kiki will find love by the time his clock hits 0? #Bae4Kiki

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