How to keep your weave fresh

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The weather has been a bit funny, it has been quite hot then rainy. For some women apart from their natural hair, weaves and braids are the other options. But around this hot weather season is when most people complain about scent. My friend recently told me that he could swear there was a dead rat in the matatu (public transport) just before the driver suddenly stopped and alas Mike’s head was on the “dead rat”. The “dead rat” was a girl’s weave. Can you imagine someone describing your weave as too smelly that it is comparable to a dead animal? At this point the weave is obviously unkempt and matted hair that has new growth. Weaves are meant to help you save time and save you from the hustle with your hair. So why not maintain it?

Woman wearing a weave. Image from
Woman wearing a weave. Image from

First ensure that your weave is done by someone who knows what they’re doing. You don’t want a weave that is too bulky or untidy after two days. The following methods will help you save your weave.

1. Shampoo: A weave needs more care than your own hair. At the end of the day, it is fake which means that it misses natural oils that come from your scalp. Every two weeks you should wash your weave. Preferably you should use lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo. To avoid tangling it is best that you do not turn your hair upside down while washing, as this can tangle the weave permanently. Avoid bunching your hair as this may cause tangling too. If you are an active person and you sweat a lot you should consider doing this after a week and a half. After the wash, rinse well and allow the weave to air dry thoroughly. This routine is the same whether you wear a natural or synthetic weaves. Though synthetic weaves may need a bit more care.

2. Leave in conditioner: After each shampoo, apply a leave-in conditioner to the weave. This will help your weave detangle or avoid tangling. It also gives your weave a glow that removes the dull look that a weave may have at times. This is when you‘re probably asking why not use oil? Well oil encourages tangles and matting because they weigh the weave down. But if you do need to use oil use liquid oil such as T-tree oil. Light oils will give your weave the glow it needs, but this is only when you cannot use a leave-in conditioner.

3. Anti-bacterial spray: After you wash your weave and braid it or twist it, chances are it will take longer to dry. This time it takes to dry makes your weave susceptible to mold and bacteria has its way. Buy an anti-bacterial spray and spray your weave daily to kill bacteria and keep it fresh. The fact that you’re also sweating and sometimes in congested areas gives you more reason to invest in one. Most cosmetic shops should have one.

4. Sleep: Before bed time get a head scarf that you can be using to wrap your weave and avoid it matting. But never go to bed while your hair is still wet this brings around a damp smell that you try and cover up with oils. When you are trying to hide your weaves smell using hair spray it backfires when it mixes with sweat and the smell becomes worse.

5. Use an antiseptic: My mother would sit me down and use a cotton wool to dab my scalp using Dettol. But once you use some Dettol make sure the cotton wool has both Dettol and water and then wipe your scalp. Spirit antiseptic may also help as long as you remember never use a pure antiseptic on your scalp as it will burn your scalp.

6. Proper drying: when it comes to drying your weave it is best to air dry your weave. If in a rush use a blow dry or let your weave down and let it dry naturally. There after use a wide tooth combed so that it does not tangle.

When it comes to weaves the aim is to make sure that your hair smells good, ensure there is a glossy look, that it is detangled and bacteria free. Follow the steps above and you will have a better weave.

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