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Interior of Aqua Blu. Image from

Ambiance is important in every environment. Nairobi clubs are in serious competition as they all upgrade one by one. But Aqua Blue seems to have surpassed expectations last night as they had an exclusive blue affair last night at the Krishna center in Westlands. The experience was remarkable. The club is under new management and without a doubt aqua has changed. Remember the cramped up aqua club? With the small stage, and the man who didn’t have enough space to drum? Well all that has changed. Aqua has enough space to host a ballroom dance and more. It’s called Blu for a reason as the whole club has a sky blue light around it that creates a certain eloquent mood.

Interior of Aqua Blu. Image from
Interior of Aqua Blu. Image from

Service in most clubs is tiresome, order for a drink and gets it 20 minutes later after you have already sobered up. But not in Aqua, they have enough waitresses to lend some other clubs. They are friendly as they keep checking up on you and attend to your needs. Service is something that fails most businesses, especially customer service. Waitresses can be rude with unfriendly sneering faces and rude answers. But one word comes to mind as I think of the waitresses from last night, professional!

Now the reason you go to clubs is to have a good time, drink, smoke and dance amongst other things. The first drink I had was a special cocktail that the barman recommended and whose recipe the barman refused to divulge. He said the main ingredients would be discovered later that night. Every sip was from heaven, the reddish, yellowish color gave it life. I couldn’t even taste the alcohol but it sure did hit the right way. Shisha was also there in plenty. Complaints have been that shisha servers in most clubs are taking time to get it to their customers. But shisha smokers yesterday had nothing to complain about. The service reminded me that a customer’s main role is to sit back relax and get served and not run around looking for a waiter.

I love food. If you dare put me in a club that has whacky food, we will most certainly have a dispute. At some point I was about to leave until a savory meal was brought. Meatballs and fries, never have I tasted meatballs in a club that could confuse you like the ones I had. Meatballs that have a sweet and sour taste in the right balance are exactly why you should be in Aqua tonight.

For me a DJ that is boring has ruined my whole night. Again I kept thinking I should go home now, clearly this is a good place I’ll come back tomorrow. But the DJ would not let me go with the hip-hop, naija, and all rounded jumpy music that one would need after a long tiresome day. Furthermore there were artists that availed themselves last night to lighten the mood even more. L.A.X and Merit were there. As they humbly walked around the club I was in shock, their humility is the reason why you should have been there last night. Remember L.A.X’s song ginger? He performed it Thursday night as a sneak peak and everyone happily danced to it as everyone promised to be there last night.

There will also be VIP the highest going for 100,000 that comes with a premium bottle of Hennessy XO, private security, personal wait staff and seating near the artists. The second VIP will be going for 500,000 that will have a premium bottle of Hennessy paradise, private security, personal wait stuff as well as an exclusive booth. With these amazing offers, there’s nowhere else you should be at apart from Aqua Blu tonight, have a feel of a real club and proper service.

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