Organic makeup and its benefits


Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the FAFA neighborhood market at Juniper’s kitchen in Westlands. I got to meet a lady who was selling organic skin care products and everything about it got me intrigued. She explained to me how she personally made the products ranging from body lotions to facial scrubs and lipsticks as well, which got me thinking about whether or not to switch to the all-natural cosmetic products.

Makeup is an essential beauty item used by women all over the globe, and while choosing to wear makeup may help enhance one’s personal appearance and self-esteem, some of them expose the person using these products to a whole range of health concerns. Some products have even been linked to cause cancer and with that, a great number of women are rushing to use organic products.

Organic makeup is all natural and is also more expensive because of this. So why switch from your normal makeup products to organic alternatives when you can get the other at a much lower price?

Why use organic products?

1. No harsh chemicals. It is a fact that what goes on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and is carried throughout your entire body. This gives a giant leap for organic products as the ingredients used in organic products are natural and have very little irritation or allergic reactions to your skin and body. Also, many of the chemicals used in synthetic makeup products like the chemicals parabens and phthalates are two common examples of substances that are poisonous to the endocrine system

2. Ecofriendly. Most synthetic products contain petroleum based ingredients and also a whole other bunch of chemicals that require extensive mining and production processes. Some of them include lead and petroleum. These substances are not only harmful to the skin but also cause an extensive deal of damage to the environment

3. Scent friendly. Scents in the majority of beauty products consist of substance that may cause irritation not only to the skin but to the nose as well. Organic cosmetics are usually odorless or have a very faint but sweet and natural scent. Natural products are usually ideal for people who are prone to irritation, infection and frequent allergies. And because the products are made from organic substances, they even help in the healing of such conditions.

4. Minimal side effects. Many people get worried that some of the products they use can alter how their body works. Just a while back, there as the craze of using chemicals and other substances to increase the size of your breasts and behind. While that might seem as a good idea, the side effects to using those chemicals were adversely understated to say the least. Several women came out saying how these products have caused major skin burns on their bodies with some even losing their limbs. As much as this is not the exact case with makeup products, natural products work better than their synthetic counterparts because they do not contain unnecessary irritants. With natural preservatives, natural products work better over time.

5. Longer shelf life. Unlike makeup with chemically enhanced substances, natural products tend to limit the growth of harmful bacteria. This means a longer shelf life and a healthier option for your skin making these products more valuable.
They also allow the skin to breathe. Regular skin products sometimes tend to clog the pores of the skin, which is harmful in the long run. Organic cosmetics however allow the skin to breathe.

What’s better than knowing that the products you’re using are made of natural substances and that you won’t unseen costs for those cheap cosmetics you are putting on your skin now? And while these facts might want you to rethink your skincare options, it is always advised to see a dermatologist before drastically switching skin care products.

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