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There are many things which bring pleasure and entertainment to humans of all races, nationalities, and tribes. Once in a while two or more of those things will combine in a beautiful collabo that has the ability to take anyone’s breathe away. One such item is music festivals which combine both travel and music. For those who hold a deep wanderlust and those whose ears itch to be soothed by rhythm and soul, music festivals are a dream come true. We have some great festivals in Africa that you need to check out – top 10 African music festivals.

Ali Kiba singing to the fans
Ali Kiba singing to the fans at Koroga Festival

Over recent years they have actually become more and more popular, each year’s festival tickets selling faster than the last. It must be asked what this generation finds so enticing about them?

Well as Quirky Daily shares, the Music for one. Music festivals have become a great location to discover new artists. Each festival hones in on up-and-coming artists, creating a line-up that has people coming back for more. There are always a number of acts going on at once, so you are bound to find and/or discover something you like. Music festivals are opportunities to branch out of your musical comfort zone and have fun doing so.

Another reason would be the Social Media Opportunities. It’s almost impossible not to Instagram or post on Twitter about the festival experience. With new technologies on the rise, the 21st century has made it possible to record acts in high-definition. Videos and pictures are aplenty, which makes for great memories. Also, with hundreds of thousands of music-goers in attendance, artists gain a lot of exposure. Not only that, but your Instagram and Twitter feeds will grow with likes and retweets.

Amongst many others the final reason I will mention is the EXPERIENCE. Music festivals have worked at creating an atmosphere. Each festival has worked at defining itself as an entity, so people not only go for the music, but they go for the experience. There is not much that compares to outdoor music festivals. You will have to face the elements, and learn to stake out your own territory. But because many music festivals are held outdoors, it provides opportunities for you to roam around and explore on your own. Not only that, but festivals create the chance to meet new people, try new foods, and generally have a good time.

Some Tips for Heading to a Music Festival

1. Bring a backpack. While it may be more fashionable to carry a cross-body bag, but with all the necessities needed, it won’t be the most practical. Also, cross-body bags only make the dancing and jumping unenjoyable, which will make for a not-so-fun night. With a sturdy backpack on, you will be hands-free, and you won’t be hitting anyone (or yourself) with your bag.

2. Wear comfy shoes. There’s a lot of walking involved at festivals. With acts going on constantly, you’re bound to want to move from stage to stage. Also, if you plan to see a potentially packed act, there might not be much sitting room. Comfortable shoes that provide some arch support will keep your feet happy, and will have you dancing all night long.

3. Carry a lightweight jacket. Even if it’s a billion degrees out, you never A) know if the temperature will drop at night – and if we’re talking about a festival with desert temperaments, it will. Also it could rain, and if it did that little jacket would be a life saver. Besides that you could use the jacket for other things, like it works as a pillow and a thing to sit on.

4. Prepare to lose phone service. Quite often service slows or stops completely. It has something to do with population density and overloaded networks. Plan accordingly: don’t rely on your phone for everything.

5. Use the Buddy system. This is probably the wisest course of action in any large crowd of strangers in a huge area of wide open space. Don’t lose your friends! You need to keep checking up on each other in case of anything. Your phone can die or have no network, gadgets and electronics can fail you. And the perfect recipe for dampening your mood on what was meant to be a perfectly fabulous afternoon is the thought of getting stranded, or worse worrying about your friend who you haven’t seen in hours and imagining all the horrible things that could have happened to them like rape or murder! So to avoid all that just make sure at any one point you are in eye view of someone you know and vice versa.

For more Festival hacks check out this article by Buzz feed. For now look forward to the next music festival coming your way, such as the Safaricom Jazz FestKoroga Festival is also a great musical and social experience. An experience is what you make it, so chose to make it spectacular!

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