Travel: 9 Essentials You Should Have In Your Car

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As a girl, some things I have in my car can be a bit odd. Women have random things in the car whilst men seem to have everything that is relevant for a car. Clothes and extra heels is not what I’m talking about. A car is like a machine baby, except that as it grows it does not necessarily get easier but more complicated. The tire is flat, the water level is low and a new sound just came from the engine. So the following things can make your life a bit easier.

Woman driving. Image from //
Woman driving. Image from

1. Spare coolant: Coolant does not mean water all the time, when your car is overheating you probably need coolant, especially once water stops being a save. Have an extra coolant in your car and stop relying on total to save you on this one. Such a simple thing can save you a lot of money.

2. A charger: I cannot emphasize just how important this is. If anything happens to you in the middle of nowhere and your car acts up, you need to either have a power bank and most definitely a charger. A charger that works from your cigarette lighter would be ideal.

3. Torch: A torch is important when you breakdown and you need to inspect the engine or need to alert a passerby that may help you.

4. Jump leads: Your car can surprise as you come out from the club and refuses to start. This is why a jump lead is what you need. As long as you have a jump lead someone else may help you restart your car and jump start it. This way you can avoid a flat line from your car and you can finally function.

5. Portable air compressor: This can be bought in Nakumatt. All you need to do is stand back and watch your tire get air. This is important when you cannot get to a gas station and your tire has decided to go flat.

6. First aid kit: it never becomes apparent why we would need a first aid kit because we do not fathom anything bad happening to us. But reality is accidents do happen. A complete first aid is crucial to have. It can save a life. Please try your best to have a comprehensive first aid kit and always remember to restock items you have used.

7. Three triangle reflectors: Most cars only have one, although it is said that three are better to warn oncoming traffic.

8. Blanket and warm clothes: I would not be surprised if ladies have this in their car. Women generally think too far ahead. Think about it though, if anything happened and you are stuck somewhere and it’s at night a blanket will keep you warm. Having a jacket, gloves and perhaps socks may come in handy as well.

9. Owner’s manual: Most people get rid or forget about manuals. A car manual can save you time when you are having issues with your car. It will most likely enlighten you and teach you a few car tricks. Google is your friend, but imagine if there is no signal? Then your best friend at this point is the manual.

If you take time to invest in simple things that can help your car then in the long run you would have saved a lot of money. When it comes to cars, it is small things that become big problems. Because you have no coolant, the engine overheats and before you know it everything is a problem. You can also avoid Kenyan police, show off all the things you have and they will be disappointed as you save your money.

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