OLX Cake Art Fair 2016 – A Sweet Affair!


Every year there are many festivals that support restaurants and bakeries and basically the food industry. On Saturday the 20th, OLX used the cake art fair as a platform to encourage bakeries to post their food on their website. The cake art fair happens every year in different places and never fails to deliver. Mouthwatering cakes were displayed at every vendor each with a different look. Some were from bridal bakeries while others were surprisingly young people that have started out their bakeries. These kinds of festivals give people the opportunity to showcase their work as well as market it.

OLX Cake Festival

For a while now websites have been used as a platform to promote businesses. With just a click you get to get whatever you want as long as you order. Businesses have been prospering as soon as they post their products online. Last month the well-known OLX launched two new categories that opened doors for hospitality and construction companies. The emphasis on meals and drinks sub category was apparent at the cake affair which was held at the arboretum. The backbone of our Kenyan economy is food, with many upcoming restaurants needing awareness on what OLX has to offer. Food is rarely a category in a website yet this will be one of the most beneficial categories to have.

OLX caught me at a great moment when I was taking notes.

The whole event was a joy; apart from eating it was impossible to ignore the entertainment. Some people were purely there for the entertainment as the event supported young people to perform. It was impressive to watch such young ladies and men sing their own songs as everyone danced and sang along. The environment was great for every age group as the children played in the jumping castles. There were young and old people. This also why OLX got many people intrigued with their offer. As the OLX staff gave away t-shirts, lesos and bags to their clients’ people were attracted to their stand as their friendly service lured more people to their stand.

It never occurred to me that small scale businesses such as the known mama mboga’s would be able to post their vegetables and fruits online. With the digital approach increasing day it will be a new platform for many different companies. I asked a few people the benefits of OLX in their lives as the population was mostly young and their responses illuminated the following advantages.

1. Saves time: being on OLX means that you can have negotiations that over the phone and decide on meetings without wasting time.

2. Flexible timing: this means that one can have a delivery system without having an actual location. All you’d need would be a car or a motorbike and internet. With all this with you, you would not need a shop, you can work from home.

3. Have multiple businesses: Since there are many different categories for products you can be versatile. Keeping in mind that you do not need to have a shop you can sell clothes, food, electronics and so much more.

4. Save money: if you are not paying rent, you save money and use it to supply the products instead.

5. Marketing: you get to market your products constantly as many people get to see your items as it is not only in a specific location.

6. Restaurant upgrade: restaurants will be able to market their food and delivery services.

7. With OLX you can be able to search information within your vicinity. For example if you are in Westlands it shows you the nearest places to get your products. This means that you may not have to make deliveries far and still make money.

The good news is that you are now able to search OLX for meals and drinks in your area and many of them are also able to deliver.

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