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Smartphone with cloud of application icons

My mother always told me that I must have a balanced life. For a while I did not understand what she was talking about, until she explained that we all have the wheel of life. The wheel of life is basically every part of your life. Your life is divided into different segments, emotional, financial, health, spiritual, health, relationships, work and education. With these being the main segments in our everyday life and our busy routines I found a way to use my smart phone to have useful apps that can assist me. Buying books and going to shrinks every now and then is costly and the following apps can help you.

Smartphone with cloud of application icons
Smartphone with cloud of application icons

1. Health and nutrition: while it’s always advisable to go for health checkups and consult real doctors it is impossible to do so every day and knowing doesn’t hurt. I personally use a medical dictionary and an app called health mate that manages my weight, and helps me be more active. With this kind of app I am more informed as sometimes I peruse through it and learn something new every day. These kinds of apps are simplified in a way that you can understand. You get to track your health lifestyle and you become more cautious about what you eat and the level of activity your doing. You can also download workout apps that guide you on workouts as some have short videos or animated videos showing you what to do.

2. Spiritual: Daily spiritual quotes are one of those apps that keep my everyday alive with new inspiration. Some people prefer downloading a bible or an app from their own spiritual beliefs such as the bible or Quran. Instead of carrying a book every where this app will guide you. It is important to keep your spiritual life balanced as well and the fact that you spend so much time on your phone means that ignoring this part of your life is not an excuse.

3. Relationship: All women talk or build lasting relationship are great apps to have on your phone as you may be able to keep buying magazines for advice or googling. The beauty with these apps is that they are fast to use, very direct and particular. The fact that you can have favorites and share it faster than a link saves you time and can be used while offline.

4. Finance: Sometimes I would get some money and the next thing I had no idea what happened because I would be broke. So I got myself a finance manager, which helps you manage your expenses, plan your budget and control money. With this kind of app all you need to do is key in your daily budget and general budget. After you key in your information, it puts your information and presents it as pie chart. The pie chart then shows you just exactly what you’re mostly spending on and as I found out I mostly spend on food and airtime. Some apps will advice you on what to cut down on, or after that you can write a better budget.

5. Food: Apps such as all recipes are so well organized that it may just be better than a cookbook. I like all recipes because it allows you to search, have favorites and gives you the option to choose which category of a meal you’d like for example breakfast then asks you if its eggs you’d like to make and how you would like to make it. This specification gives you the chance to make a scrumptious meal for you or your family.

6. Work and education: you can download an app that helps you organize your files better and alerts you on things you need to do. Whether you have children or for your own studies, downloading apps that directly help you with your particular subject would assist you have an easier time instead of going to a link or website. This will also help your kids with their assignments and for younger kids they can learn their alphabets or simple grammar on your phone or tab wherever you are.

Fully utilizing your phone means that you can be able to have apps that can help you have a balanced life. With the current society we are in where everyone is busy it is important to use technology to help you align your life.

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