Grooming fails for men

Grooming for men. Image from

There is nothing as good as seeing a well-dressed guy walking down the street, or better yet when he approaches you. There’s also nothing as disheartening as finding out that his breath smells or that he maybe hasn’t taken a shower in what might be the equivalent of three business days. The advantages of being a man who owns a great suit and probably with the accompaniment of good manners can quickly be negated by bad grooming habits.

Grooming for men. Image from
Grooming for men. Image from

Whether you’re trying to get that girl out on date or you’re planning to nail that big job interview, here are some key pointers to avoid:

1. Too much cologne
If there is one thing I have witnessed personally are guys applying too much cologne. This especially happened in high schools where apparently guys would share cologne, and overdo it at the same time! A quality scent will make a statement for you so for heavy and musty colognes, you can get away with two sprays; with citrusy fragrances, three at the most. Key points to apply cologne are the neck and chest and also at your wrists. Just don’t overdo it.

2. Too much hair product

This is especially applicable to guys who try and achieve the Clark Kent look by getting the classic slick back, shiny hair look, but end up overdoing it on the hair gel. When the product dries up, it ends up becoming stiff and flakes that resemble dandruff also start forming. The key to avoiding this is using only an ample amount and work it from the roots up giving it equal distribution and also maintaining the original look.

3. Teeth and breath

We all agree that maintaining clean teeth and fresh breath throughout the day is an almost impossible task. In between taking coffee at your desk, lunch with your workmates and grabbing a bite on your way home, it becomes almost impossible to even keep track of what you’ve consumed throughout the day. You can however take more water as it lubricates your mouth, keeping bacteria at bay and also stay away from too many carbonated drinks. ( Also, carry a pack of gum in your pocket just in case of emergency.

4. Hair and beard

Washing and trimming hair daily is an easy task for men as compared to women. One common mistake however is not rinsing properly, especially after applying after shave. Insufficient rinsing of hair will create a buildup of dirt and soap creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Rinse, rinse and rinse some more.

5. Trimming your nails

Always make sure to regularly trim both your fingernails and toenails. Men especially ignore toenails because they have closed shoes most of the time but overgrown nails can be very painful and uncomfortable plus they cause rips through your socks.

6. Tending to the nether regions

As much as men shun the idea of trimming their nether regions, it also isn’t attractive to end up looking like a caveman. Keep it trimmed and clean. It is a high moisture area that is not well taken care of can cause a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Don’t manscape, just keep it trimmed.

7. Moisturize

Because no one likes flaky dry skin. After shaving use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen to keep your face from becoming itchy.

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