How to dress sharp: 9 tips for men

Dapper look. Image from Black Men in Suits - Page 3

Pulling off a dapper look is a great way to stand out of the crowd.

An immaculate look; simple, clean and classy has now proven to be a secret weapon that grabs the attention of people, irrespective of gender. Women fall over such men, and other men want to dress as these ones do, so as to attract the same attention. The dapper look. Dapper, is one of the most-in trend styles for all those who know that appearance matters.

Dapper is a men’s dress style usually categorized by fitting suits and fancy ties but being dapper is not all about wearing oxford shoes and a waistcoat, being dapper is a style that not only shows well-matched clothes but also a refined taste and polished manners of a confident classic man. We have compiled for you the 23 Items Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe to start you off.

Dapper look. Image from Black Men in Suits - Page 3
Dapper look. Image from Black Men in Suits – Page 3

What are the some of the basics to pulling off a fashionable look?

1.Find a tailor

One of the major style errors in men’s suits is wearing the wrong size of shirt, pants or coat. The dapper look needs fitting clothes, not tight, but fitting. You can start by taking some of your oversized shirts and get a good tailor who can adjust them to fit perfectly.

2. Invest in a good blazer

Your blazer is your conversation starter; plus they go with pretty much everything. It’s advisable to go for grey, charcoal or blue blazers for the office but this is all according to your style. One thing to note, however, is that it should fit perfectly. Try standing with your side up against the wall. If the shoulder pad touches the wall first, the jacket’s too big. You should also be able to comfortably put your hand in the pockets of your jacket pockets, do this by squeezing your fist in the gap between your jacket and stomach.

3. Pick your power tie(s)

A tie is not just a tie. It’s a statement. There are many ways to tie up ties these days, for example the trinity knot, Eldredge tie knot and the Windsor knot. ( gives you advice and simple rules that you didn’t know or might have simply ignored about neckties and their anatomy.

4. Accessorize.

With dapper outfits, attention to details is key and you can never go wrong with adding up pocket squares to your ensemble. One can learn the various folds from a classic square to a relaxed puff fold to give a bit of life to your pockets

Hats also add a dapper look to your attire. One of the best combos is a fedora with a blazer and a scarf look, but also play attention to details in colour and patterns so as to not go totally off.

5. Dress your feet

Most dapper men will be seen with oxford shoes, loafers and a good pair of brogues. One look that I personally love is the classic leather brogue combo with blue wash denim.

Funky socks are also welcomed in the dapper look. Find yourself some pairs of socks with rainbow colours and funky patterns to add on to your look.

6. Buy a watch

As a man, you can never go wrong with a timeless statement piece. A good watch shows that you take effort in your style no matter what you wear.

Rocking a dapper look is also not just about wearing power suits to the office; it’s also a bold age of cool casual that still oozes effortless style.

7. Research

Today, we have many websites that discuss details in fashion. We even have apps that help you with that. One of my favourites is Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual app that can help us to find ideas for our interests. Once you’ve created an account you search for what you like, for example, you can start with the terms ‘Dapper,’ or ‘Dapper men,’ in the search. It then brings you hundreds of pictures of dapper men. Some even give advice on what to do and what not to do. This can be a great start.

8. Look for style icons

Like mentors, we all need someone to show us direction in a certain path of life, even in fashion. You can look up some men’s fashion bloggers who can give you direction on dapper style. Most of these bloggers have an interesting insight on dapper style and they even give referrals to where they got their clothes and accessories from which is an added bonus for you. You can check out and Also, check out How To Dress Sharp | 9 Style Tips For Young Men.

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