Business – 6 essentials for a great website

You need to ask why do I need a website. Image from

In this era of technological advancement, it has become almost mandatory for all organizations to have an online presence. The fierce competition among firms that offer similar products or services has made it necessary for these firms to establish ways they can be visible both online and offline. Whenever a customer needs a product or a service, the first thing they do is check online. This is where it is important for firms to have great websites as strategy to market their products and services. These websites should be designed in such a way that they ensure online success for the firms.

As a business strategy, here are essentials for a great website for your firm.

You need to ask why do I need a website. Image from //
You need to ask why do I need a website. Image from

Focus on the customer

In any business, the customer is king. The business exists to meet the needs of the customers at a fee. Whenever they visit your site, they should be able to find solutions to their problems and needs. They don’t want to come to your site to read about you. Give attention to the customer by serving them. Once you show that you are concerned about them, they will even refer other people to your site.

Have great content

Your website may be designed in the best way possible and have great graphics but without great content, rich information for the person visiting your site, it will be hard for them to visit again. It is okay to pay for web design but it is better to pay even higher for great content. Great content also makes it possible for search engines to rank the site higher leading to more traffic. Avoid dumping many ads, sales pitches or brochures on the site.

Give it a professional look

Understand your target audience and design the website in a way that suits their needs while still fulfilling your business objectives. A tech-savvy person and an amateur in computers should both be able to navigate through the site with ease. Unless your target audience requires that you have too much colour and font styles that are illegible, avoid them.

Make it user friendly

Features such as navigation bar, search service and site map are important for your website as this will give the visitor chance to access the information you have. If the visitors take time to navigate through the site and encounter hurdles that make it hard for them to understand the content, they will leave and never return. They will probably be attracted to your competitors’ sites which are friendly.

Focus on the objective of the firm

Do you really need the website? What for? These are questions you should be able to answer before designing that website. As you spend money on the design, make sure that it makes financial sense. Understand the objective of the firm and custom make the website to achieve it.

Promote the website

Through social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), make your website easy to find. Having a great website and not having people to visit it is pointless. Make use of the various social media platforms to promote the website. This is aimed at driving traffic to the site. Here, you must have great content otherwise they will visit and leave without spending enough time on your site. They probably might never come back again if you have bad content.

Never underestimate the role a great website can play in the success of your business. Invest in it and you will make your marketing job easier.

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