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The night before is usually the best. After an exotic night out the consequences follows you the next day, they rudely interrupt your morning with a headache, nauseous feeling and cravings that hardly make sense. You may try everything at this point but none makes sense, on this day you’re a couch slave as you regret your night out and curse the friends that derailed and didn’t stop at two drinks as they had promised. I always look at my relatives the next day after a family function in disbelief and from their description of the above complaints I decided to note down their cures.


1. Drink water: Whenever you drink water it is important to keep hydrated. Drinking water in between alcohol is what actually helps as opposed to drinking water the next day. But in case you forget to ask for water while drinking, ensure that you drink water the next morning to flush out the toxins that have flooded your system. It is very important to keep hydrated as alcohol dehydrates you. 7 Tricks For Keeping Yourself Hydrated Every Day

2. Eat before you drink: I heard one of my friends saying that the fastest ways to get drunk is not to eat. As that is a well-known fact it is also very irrational not to do so. Eat heavily before you drink so that you can avoid getting ulcers or hyper-acidity. The food helps so the alcohol takes longer to absorb.

3. Take sugary drinks: It is advisable to drink a sugary drink while drinking that way your high will not be extreme. I found out that fructose may speed alcohol metabolism and reduces the risk of a hangover. It would also be healthier to drink juice instead of a soda as you cut down on calories.

4. Take a painkiller: As some may argue it is never that serious, I argue that a whole day gone because of a headache is cumbersome. Do not get into the habit of popping pills but if your head is throbbing take a painkiller but be careful some painkillers can have toxic effects on your liver. Check out this article for more information.

5. Have breakfast: It is likely that you may feel nauseous and you can’t figure out what to eat. Food helps you get energy back into your body. This is when you should probably go for that breakfast in java or cook some sausages, bacon and the ultimate fatty breakfast as per your liking. The Secret Benefits Of Having Breakfast Early In The Morning

6. Ginger: I once read that ginger is a health booster. I know for a fact it has been perfect when I had a cold. After a night of drinking try chewing some ginger or making some ginger tea, ginger is said to be a good hangover cure. Health:  5 Benefits Of Ginger

7. Sleep it off: The best remedy after all the above methods is to sleep. A hangover is made worse by fatigue and lack of sleep. So if you can afford to be a couch potato on this day, then do so.

8. Shower: This may sound obvious, but it is not! On this day, you’re tired and you do not want to move. Do not delay a shower. Take that shower, I cannot explain the magic that water has, but I’ve seen my friends after they shower when they are suffering from a hangover and they usually look radiant after that.

It seems that even though you would like to drink yourself silly and have no cost, the one way to strengthen the no hangover campaign is to drink responsibly. The other best way is to know the drink that messes you up such as red wine which is a well-known hangover devil. Pick a drink that has no stress the next day and work with it. Nevertheless, drink responsibly, have fun and stay hangover free. Also, check out this article 6 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

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