How to use social media to keep in touch with your kids while travelling

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In our current society with professionals travelling all over the world it may be hard to spend time with the kid/s. This parent has to travel a lot more because of work related issues or sometimes has to shift countries altogether and leave their children behind. Before you know it, these parents miss out on a lot because unfortunately they cannot be available in their children’s lives. Such a parent could fully utilize the power of social media so that they can maintain their relationship with their child.

Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and even Instagram are the way to go. My advice to you, always find out what new social media platform your kids are using and get with it. It’s even better if you’re steps ahead. In this life, using your time trying to chat on Gmail and yahoo is a waste. It becomes rarer for your children to contact you or try to chat with you if you do not initiate it first. Think about it, he or she gets on whatsapp and the first person that texts is their partner or best friend or the many different group chats that they are on. Let’s face it; you have to be super interesting on chat for your child to want to keep texting you.

1. For starters, be more of a friend while you’re away. Reduce the boring parental tone and catch up with your child as if you’re one of their buddies. Through this they become excited to tell you things and will even start initiating chats.

2. Secondly, you need to make time or sometimes a schedule that could be a bit different everyday so it does not become a monotonous chore. During this time, catch up and send each other as many photos as possible. By sending photos one feels more connected to the other. You will almost feel like you’re part of your child’s every move. Encourage them to send photos of themselves and the environment they are in. You should also send photos of yourself. The experience is meant to build trust and a long lasting connection.

3. Video chats are also a great way to have a better relationship during the distance; skype is preferably the best option. Create time to do small things such as cooking dinner as your daughter learns and might also try with you at the same time, can even watch a movie together too. I am sure at this point; you must have realized that a lot of internet is required. If you can, get your children WIFI as well as your place while abroad. This way there’s hardly ever any excuse for lack of communication. Your kids will remember that they have a parent that dearly loves them and thinks about them often. A simple act such as having your profile photo set of your child or children makes them feel special.

A teen on floor with laptop. Image from //
A teen on floor with laptop. Image from

This is a relationship we are talking about and a very important one. The techniques used in any working long distance relationship needs commitment and patience. Sometimes you might be working till late and find your kids asleep; mastering to be a better social media parent would most likely preserve your relationship with your children and they will thank you for you one day.

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