Taking care of your natural hair for a fabulous look

Rocking natural hair. Image from http://ow.ly/ZizDa

The natural hair craze has of late been taking over the world of hair care by storm. Unlike the times when we were mandated to subject our hair to the torture of sitting on stools for hairdressers to plough away into our mane in order to try and keep our hair maintained for at least a month or two; or getting chemicals to straighten our hair in order to not suffer the kinky consequences, we have the option of choice.

As much as some women still prefer braiding and relaxing their hair, we have been blessed with hair that we can carefully maintain in order to rock that fro just like our mamas did back in the day. We have also been privileged to live in an era where at the click of a button you can view how to style and care for your afro using the right products.

Rocking natural hair. Image from //ow.ly/ZizDa
Rocking natural hair. Image from http://ow.ly/ZizDa

There are various products and ingredients that women with natural hair or those looking to transition into natural hair should especially look out for. With so many hair products for natural hair, how do you get to choose what’s best for you?

Shampoos, rinse-out conditioners and leave-in moisturizers. These products are a must have for your transition. Choose products that do not contain mineral oils and petrolatum. These ingredients tend to dry your hair out. They should contain ingredients such as olive oil, grape seed, jojoba oil and castor oil; these are great for preserving moisture and keeping hair supple.

Products that help in deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is a process that involves restoring hair moisture that can be lost due to drying out and damage caused by heat styling tools and chemical straighteners. It should be done every week, and no less than twice a month.

Twisting creams and gels. These products are great for curls: Shea butter, coconut oil and aloe Vera are some whole and incredible ingredients to look for that are ideal for naturally curly hair and are also amazing for long-lasting twist outs. They help define curls without weighing down your hair or greasing it up.

Products that are essential for dry scalps. Jojoba oil is really good in nourishing your scalp with natural sebum while mixing it with tea tree oil has antifungal properties that can prevent dandruff. Coconut oil is also good in controlling oil secretion from the scalp which is one of the leading causes of dandruff.

The transition into natural hair can be a long one, from trimming down the relaxed ends to getting the right products suitable for maintaining your hair, it becomes a journey where people easily get frustrated after about three months into the excitement of their natural hair journey.

First of all do your research, read about the different ways you can go about your transformation before you even go for the ‘Big Chop’. Figure out which works for you best, what you are most comfortable with and a path that will be easy for you to stick with.

Most people also don’t want to go natural because of the amount of time that natural hair requires. From the weekly deep conditioning to rolling, twisting and putting Bantu knots to protect your hair to letting your hair dry naturally after washing, as natural hair needs to stay away from heat; most ladies are discouraged from the natural hair journey because of such processes. However, it does not need to be all time-consuming with the right attitude. If you are ready and willing to experimentation, the natural hair journey doesn’t need to be tiresome and time consuming. Also, with the right products, they can make your hair journey into a smooth and exciting ride.

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