Fashion: how to find the right jumpsuit for your body type

Women looking fabulous in different types of jumpsuits. Image from

Fashion without a doubt repeats itself and comes back with a bang. Jumpsuits are currently one of the hottest things that have come back. In Kenya most ladies have a sort of curve to their body, whether small, medium or big there’s a certain shape you have and a wrong jumpsuit can ruin that shape. Jumpsuits have become a sleek and chic option and every girl should own one. They are one of those outfits that whether one a date or a wedding you can eat as much as you want or walk around freely and look your best. The following body shapes can help you know which jumpsuit works best for your shape.


Famous people in jumpsuits. Image from
Famous people in jumpsuits. Image from

1. Pear shape: you probably have a small bust and waist on the top and wider hip and butt area. This means you need jumpsuits that create a balance between your top and bottom. You want the bottom half and the top of the jumpsuit to glide over your bottom half. Generally the aim of your jumpsuit is to accentuate your tiny waist. This jumpsuit should show off your hips.

2. Apple shapes: Broad shoulders, narrow hips, small legs and a larger tummy and chest? If this is your body shape then you’re an apple shape. When shopping for a jumpsuit, you’re looking for one that helps create a waist and shows off your small legs. A jumpsuit that has a belt is even better as it helps create a smaller waistline. Look for jumpsuits that can compliment your legs, such as skinny pants. If you cannot find one that needs a belt then look for one that you can tie at the waist.

3. Straight shapes: basically if you have shoulders, waist and hips that are essentially the same width then this means you need to find a jumpsuit that helps you create a figure.

4. Hour glass figure: This means you most likely have a narrow waist, full hips, a full bust and they are essentially the same size then you want to go for jumpsuits that show off that figure. Look for jumpsuits that have a deep-v or scoop necks. They will make your bosom look amazing and at the same time maintain decency.

There are also some types of jumpsuits that come in handy in different occasions regardless of body shape.

a. Mina jumpsuit: this is a figure flattering jumpsuit that usually has a zipper and sheer shoulder panels.

b. Peg leg jersey jumpsuit: cropped cap sleeves and a high crew collar make this jumpsuit a perfect modern outfit for any event.

c. Plaid jumpsuit: this kind of suit is confusing from afar as no one can clearly tell that it is a jumpsuit.

d. Viviennne jumpsuit: now who said that jumpsuits cannot be worn to work? This kind of jumpsuit has a shawl collar and trouser-style bottom that is sleek and sensible. You can wear it with a trendy coat and some high heels.

e. Future sound jumpsuit: if you’re for something that pops, especially if you’re going out for a drink with your girls then this is perfection. It has exaggerated shoulders and a zipper waist that make a fun statement.

Women looking fabulous in different types of jumpsuits. Image from
Women looking fabulous in different types of jumpsuits. Image from

There are many kinds of jumpsuits, at the end of it all choose one that is comfortable and flatters your figure. It is very easy to get an over-sized jumpsuit or one that is too tight. When shopping for jumpsuits, be careful to have proper materials instead of cheap ones that would easily rip. To see examples of the different types of jumpsuits check out this article. They have amazing photos that will help you understand the kind of jumpsuits I wrote about.

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