Finances: When The Money Is Almost Gone In The Middle Of The Month

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It is already the middle of the month and I am asking myself where all the money has gone. One minute I feel so rich and I have a period where money is simply not a problem. Then for very many hours, days and very long seconds I am broke. All of a sudden I wonder what I bought. What could I have done better? It is usually a very nonsensical moment, trying to have flashbacks of who helped me spend my money because they are probably the same people I will need a loan from.

The worst question for anyone to ask during this time in life is “si, you had money just the other day?” You may come up with a million and one excuses but the fact remains that you are still broke. So I started writing what I spent on the most and compared with a few of my other friends. I know just the things you can cut down on and save some money.

Stressed woman. Image from //
Stressed woman. Image from


1. Food: Why oh why can’t I have KFC every now and then? Well I learnt that cooking at home is not only healthier but saves you a lot of money. The 300 bob you may use to buy two pieces of chicken, you can buy half a kilo especially if you are alone and if you do not buy vegetables. Cooking your own meal is always cheaper. It is cheaper to carry home cooked meals to the office or to school. Cut down on going out for meals and only go out for lunch when you must. This of course depends on your finances.

2. Hang outs: So you’re the kind of person who likes going out with your friends every weekend? This I realized was going to be the end of my finances. You should probably cut down the number of times that you go to that restaurant or bar that you go to, probably to once or twice a month when you’re treating yourself. You will save money. Keeping in mind that alcohol and meals outside are expensive and does serious damage your wallet.

You can have your friends over for a meal and drinks. Tell your friends that you’re saving money and you would rather watch a movie or have dinner at your place instead. You don’t have to cook some meat or expensive food if you would like to save even more, they are your friends they should understand.

3. Electricity: I asked my friend the other day if she owns shares in KPLC as all her lights were on and electronics were not unplugged in. Do not be surprised if your token ran out after a week and you had loaded 46 units or if your electric bill is about 4,000. This is a great saving tip you never realize how much you can use on your electric bill until you remove that money and you tell everyone in your house that they need to conserve. Conserving starts with you, during the day open the curtains, when you finish charging your phone disconnect it from the socket just to be sure that it’s not using any current while it’s in there.

4. Clothes: Don’t keep buying clothes or accessories all the time. As a better system put some money aside and save for the things you really need. Wherever you choose to buy clothes and accessories based on your finances just do it once and for all. Get classic pieces that you can wear or accessorize with what you already have. If you still have valuable clothes or accessorizes you don’t use sell them. OLX is valid at such times, use it to sell those clothes and shoes. I have done this before and I got some good money.

5. Gifts: Since I mentioned that when you’re trying to save money you need to watch what your buying. So to all my friends born this March I am sorry, we shall go to a supermarket I will hold out the best birthday card for you and then after you’re done reading it put it back. That is your birthday gift Kate! Ok that will be mean, I will just print one.

But honestly there are very many meaningful gifts you can make or assemble for your loved one. If there are vouchers that are in offer then get that it is cheaper and I bet you will get better deals. Go to Imax for a movie and wait for the cheaper ones after all you will still get to watch the movie. Create a scrapbook, I did this for my mum and she loved it. When you do something meaningful like printing a photo of the person’s birthday professionally done and frame it this is also a nice gesture. Thoughtful gifts are usually cheaper.

6. Gym: Instead of hitting the gym, buy a skipping rope and work out at home. Go for long walks and leave the car behind, you not only save fuel money but you get to lose some weight. This takes a lot of determination and will power. Convince a workmate who would like to be walking from work with you if you leave around the same area or get a work out buddy who will push you.

There are many things you could do to save money. At the end of the day, you know yourself well, what do you think damages your budget? It is best to write what you spend on unnecessarily and avoid them. Use apps that will warn you when you have over spent and I guarantee you will save money.

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  1. Hey advisor, you mentioned carrying food for work to eat during lunch time. Does all companies in Kenya provide refreigerators for staff to use for lunch storage? Do they provide microwaves to warm the lunch.

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