8 ways to maintain your fitness Journey

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So you made the decision that you want to get fit. You have picked out a workout program that works for you and you are psyched to go! Yet there is the nagging fear that creeps into the back of your mind. The thought that you will give up, procrastinate, make excuses, or all three! It’s a scary thought.

Well I am not exactly the queen of fitness. I have had my ups and downs but I finally found something that works for me so I thought I would give you a few tips and tricks to make sure you don’t give up on your fitness journey.

I recently started a workout program called insanity that is intense and crazy but I love it. Rayhab recently did an article on her Fitbix Challenge journey and I think it just validated the fact that this is the year to do what you set out to do. Kick those getting fit, New Year resolutions in the ass!

1. Prepare Psychologically! Give yourself like a week beforehand and slowly start getting more active so that when you actually start a workout program your body doesn’t go into shock. Walk more, do random squats in the house when no one is watching, even doing light household chores is activity that will help.

2. Don’t wait for Monday. I once read that the “I’ll start on Monday” mentality is the perfect way to procrastinate. It’s fine the first week when you are preparing yourself psychologically and physically but if Monday comes and something comes up don’t say “uh-oh, I guess I have to wait until next Monday to start. *sigh* Too bad.” Honey no excuses; start first thing Tuesday morning if you absolutely can’t on that Monday.

Couple getting fit © Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation. Image from //www.kamdora.com/lifestyle/health-fitness/
Couple getting fit © Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation. Image from http://www.kamdora.com/lifestyle/health-fitness/

3. Social media! I literally started an Instagram page for my fitness journey. I didn’t share it with my friends or anyone because I wanted to be able to post sweaty pig photos without feeling like I have to look cute. It helps, to track your progress and keep yourself accountable.

4. It’s okay to take Breaks! I mentioned earlier I’m doing the insanity program which is sixty days of death! Ten minutes into the video I’m moaning and making sounds that should not be allowed to be heard by any self-loving human being *bless my family’s heart for suffering through*. Because of how intense it is however, what I love is that Shaun T. (the instructor) repeats over and over again, ‘Know your limits’, ‘if you need to take a break, rest and then come back in.’ I realize in the past I would start a fitness program with so much psych, go hard for the first week or so, and then just give up because I was over-pushing myself. Understand your body, and know what is too much for it to handle for now. It will get stronger.

Insanity Workout Program – Shaun T

5. Inspiration. Most times excuses are brought about by a lack of inspiration. My fitness Instagram account was for another purpose too. I use it to follow a whole bunch of fitness gurus and transformational people. I mean all you have to do is go on there, see how a woman lost 300 pounds which is like 150kgs n three months, wonder what you are doing with your life, and get your but into your workout clothes.

6. Accountability. Imagine I’m shouting this from the rooftop. That is how important this point is! On my phone, one of the first groups you will see on my WhatsApp chats is called ‘Insanity’. I got a couple of friends who are also interested in getting fit and we decided to do this journey together. Lord knows it’s helpful to have someone constantly asking you “Have you worked out today? Why not? Go. Now. And send me a sweaty pic afterwards for proof.”

7. Change how you eat. Body transformation is literally 20% working out, and 80% what you eat. It is very discouraging to kill yourself at the gym or on the treadmill, or wherever you work out and see no progress whatsoever. You will literally give up by week two. So learn how to exchange foods that do you no good for nutritious fuel.

8. Have goals. Work towards something. You can literally post up pictures that inspire you on your wall, or buy a dress a size or two smaller than you currently are. Whatever it is, constantly remind yourself and let it be your motivation.

If you have any more tips and tricks, leave them in the comments below. I will probably do a review after I finish the Insanity program.

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