Video Review: The Movies Expo 2016 At The Sarit Centre


If you are a movie or a gaming enthusiast, then you know that it’s not so much about that game or movie that you love, but also about the entire experience that comes with it. I had just such an experience when I attended the MXMovies 2016 recently.

Packed with other gaming and movie enthusiasts, this was no ordinary walk in the park. Brands showcased their wares and offerings including movie merchandise. There was also plenty of merchandise on sale, and as you can guess, most were branded in either Superman or Batman logos and colors. While am a big fan of Batman, I kind of liked the cool badges and T-Shirts that Superman enthusiasts adorned.

The Batman vs. Superman craze was in the air as well with mixed reactions on who was more badass. While the two characters have rivalry on the big screen, fans at the event were simply there to support their favorite characters, challenge their opponents, and have a great time and experience.

Gaming competitions attracted a large crowd, with teams dubbed Superman and Batman, going all out to prove their favorite superhero right. Some of the games the teams played were Soccer and Street Fighter. As you can imagine, the best from the two teams took to it with cheering fans spurring them on.

The Oculus Rift team was also present to showcase their head gear and give attendees an opportunity to sample what could be the future of entertainment. Many were excited to put on that head gear and sample a 3-D world that they only read about online. With many games increasingly incorporating a 3-D gaming experience, it is only a matter of time before devices like the Oculus Rift become commonplace. In the meantime, the purchase of the device by Facebook shows great promise and no doubt, those who tried it out at the expo will testify to the amazing experience that it offers.

There was also a cosplay competition with DeadPool and Deathstroke battling it out in the last round. Fans cheered on as the characters were displayed on stage in full gear. The judges had a difficult time settling on the winner as all were near, exact replicas of the ‘real characters’ in the real world. In the end, Deathstroke took the cosplay crown.

Fans were also excited to pose and take photos with other cosplay characters who were around and ready to mingle and engage with like-minded folks. Adelle Anyango, who is a big fan of movies, could be seen taking photos with the characters and engaging with fans. There were also comic stands by upcoming and established comic designers showcasing their latest character renditions. For movie enthusiasts, the big screen at the main hall gave them a taste of the latest and upcoming game and movie titles.

The enthusiasm and the energy at the event is a clear sign that the movies and gaming communities in Nairobi are big and getting bigger. Here is a video recap of how the event went down:

Movies Expo 2016 Sarit Center

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