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Pascal Tokodi

Love is a beautiful thing and when you find it you will sing it from the rooftops. When you are in love you thank God (or the stars) that you found that special person. That person who you can go to no matter what and who is the person you think about, dream about and can’t live without. The person that makes your heart beat fast.  I know you’ve already pictured a special someone, yes?

That’s exactly what Pascal Tokodi’s song ‘Sitaki’ paints in people’s minds. It immediately takes you to a place of reminiscing and thanksgiving for that special person. With an amazing fusion of Swahili and English lyrics, Pascal’s unique and mellow voice relays the all-too familiar message of love; and how it changes every aspect of our very being.

The video is a depiction of a young couple in love who are totally engrossed in their affection for each other and it clearly describes the first line of the song that says,” Every fire needs its oxygen. It’s like I need you in my life.”

Pascal Tokodi- Sitaki (Official Video)

Pascal is no stranger to the stage. Born in Wamba in Samburu, the 23 year old discovered his singing abilities at just the mere age of 10 years. The young lad would then sing the popular song ‘Lonely’ by Akon to his mother almost every day after school and he has never looked back.

Pascal Tokodi
Pascal Tokodi

Pascal’s incredible voice would be just one of his many talents as he discovered his love for acting when he joined the drama team in Lenana School. Since then, he has been able to continuously perfect the two crafts which have been evidently seen in portraying his acting talent on local shows such as Makutano Junction, Pray n Prey and the first Kenyan musical TV series, Groove Theory.

Pascal won the award for ‘Best Entertaining Teenie’ from the award show ‘Chaguo la Teeniez’ and was also nominated for a Kalasha award for his role as Guy in the musical TV show “Groove Theory”. The show saw an ingenious mix of acting, dancing and singing that brought a change to Kenyan television by bringing up a diverse musical element to our screens.

From his debut ‘Usiniache’ to his latest song ‘Sitaki’, Pascal is on his way to setting a fresh pace for the RnB industry in Kenya. He also says that he’s not about the fame. In a society where most artists release music that isn’t as rich in content or could do anything just to have them trend, Pascal says that’s not what he wants for his music. He would rather have an audience of people who will actually want to listen to the songs that he releases.
Pascal also scooped the position of 2nd runners up in the 2015 Tecno Own the Stage competitions that saw him compete against 15 other contestants from 3 different countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. He managed to walk away with a handsome cash award and the title of the last man standing. Pascal Tokodi is definitely one to watch out for.

The producer of “Sitaki” is 19 year old Kashan. The two have worked together to produce a beautiful track blending Pascal’s superb vocals and Kashan’s magical beats.

You can download the MP3 for free download on his website

With Pascal’s musical talent, his beautiful dimples and his shy guy look we predict he will go far.

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