7 apps that every entrepreneur needs

Mobile apps. Image from http://www.americasbestfranchises.com/blog/5-mobile-apps-to-keep-you-productive-in-your-franchise/

In the world of business, the value of time is indescribable and as an entrepreneur one has to know how to properly manage their time. With only 24 hours in a day, time has to be carefully spent in order to get the work that was set out for that day to be accomplished. This means a lot of organization and what better way to help with that than with some of the best productivity apps at your disposal?

Mobile apps. Image from //www.americasbestfranchises.com/blog/5-mobile-apps-to-keep-you-productive-in-your-franchise/
Mobile apps. Image from http://www.americasbestfranchises.com/blog/5-mobile-apps-to-keep-you-productive-in-your-franchise/

1. Linkedin

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is one of the most used business-oriented social networking service. With over 400 million acquired users as of October 2015, it caters to those in the business community that desire the vast networking power of social media while still giving people the chance to promote and grow their business. It has a more professional feel in that it is centered on careers and enables users connect and share knowledge with other professionals as well as getting contact of potential employees and employers. Entrepreneurs with a business on LinkedIn are better off since they can use it as a marketing tool, get orders and also get a lot of valuable information that will help their investments thrive.

Many people still don’t understand how to use it, but once you do, there are many aspects of LinkedIn to capitalize on to make it a beneficial tool for your business.

2. Evernote

With Evernote’s mobile and web app, you can create digital notebooks for everything. From managing your calendar to creating slideshow presentations, Evernote is one of the most used apps for successful entrepreneurs around the world. It also has a variety of tools that perform searches, create-to-do lists and sync your devices; making it not just good at organizing insights and plans but also making a day at the office a lot easier.

3. Dropbox

This app enables you to store your photos, documents and videos and other files. Files you keep in Dropbox are safely backed up and you can get to them from all your devices. It is easy to send files to anyone even if they don’t have a Dropbox account and comes in handy in sharing large files to several people; freeing you of the option of back-and-forth emailing. It also offers 2GB free storage. This application is compatible with Android, Ios, Blackberry and the Kindle Fire.

4. Hootsuite

Social networks are a great way for companies to offer the possibility of reaching more of their target audience and with the amount of time and sometimes multitasking that managing various social media pages requires; Hootsuite comes in to help. Hootsuite has features that allow you to locate, schedule and publish content automatically, with the advantage of managing several platforms at a go. It not only helps to connect your social networks, you also get to promote your brand more effectively thus reaching new customers for your business.

5. Camcard

Ever had one of those days where you have to rush out of the house of the office to a meeting or a networking event only to realize that you left you stack of business cards? CamCard is an app that enables you to scan your business card(s) using your phone camera and uploads it directly to your cloud, where it can be accessed from any device. You can also add notes to cards and tag contacts to locate them more easily in searches.

6. Instapaper/Pocket

How often have you come across a blog post or article that you want to read but simply don’t have the time? Instapaper helps you to save articles, blogs, webpages and even videos to the app that you can read even without internet connection. It also gives the option to find articles quickly with its various sorting option and the ability to organize articles into folders. Pocket can also be used for these functions.

7. Microsoft Remote

This brilliant app lets you manage your computer’s files when you are away from it. This saves the bulkiness of transportation especially if it’s a desktop in question. You can view and even edit documents remotely by using this application thus making your business operations flexible and more convenient as you can work from anywhere. It is available in the Google play store.

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