How to deal with travel fatigue

Dealing with travel fatigue. Image from

Whether you travel long-term or only for a weekend either via road or plane, travel fatigue can happen to anyone. You tend to feel tired and cranky to the point where you start asking yourself whether those places you want to go to are really worth getting out of the house for.

Dealing with travel fatigue. Image from
Dealing with travel fatigue. Image from

It doesn’t make the situation any better when you have dozens of your friends visiting different countries and seeing amazing sites while you’re cooped up in your office and all you can think of is, ‘I want to go to all those places.’ But as amazing as it is having the travel bug in you, travel is one of the events in our lives that has to be planned out for. It can drain you both financially and physically.

With a little extra planning, you can conquer the dreaded travel fatigue. Here are some tips to help you get over travel fatigue:

Before and during your travels:

1. Take it slow: I have a friend who at 30 has traveled to some of the major cities in the world and almost half of the African countries. I always envy the adventure stories he gives me and sometimes I just want to pack a bag and go see the world. But you always have to have a plan.

Plan for the places you’ll visit by:

  • Visiting those closest to you first. Instead of heading all the way to Hawaii first, start with Zanzibar or Madagascar. It helps build your momentum as a traveler and it also goes easy on your wallet as you go along.
  • Research extensively on the country you want to visit. Some countries are tourist friendly while others aren’t as welcoming to foreigners from other countries.
  • Know where your passport can take you without a visa. There are some beautiful destinations where you can go with your Kenyan passport that you don’t need a visa. You can get the list of countries here.
  • Get to sort out your accommodation facilities. It is now possible to book your accommodation online. This will save you time going to a travel or tour agent. You can also get some great discounts.

2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself: When you visit a new place, you always want to maximize on your time there. You want to see all the sites and take a million and one photos in a varied amount of time. Instead of seeing every museum, park or monument all in one day, have a list to narrow down a few sites you’re eager to see then spend the remaining time visiting other places.

3. Eat healthy: It can be easy to forgo your fitness routine and opt for all of the rich, filling foods that you wouldn’t normally eat at home but be sure to enjoy holiday meals with moderation as you also look out for those portions. Large fatty meals can leave your stomach bloated making you feel sluggish. As much as most of the foods are tantalizing, try not to overeat.

Make sure you also stock up on plenty of fruits and vegetables during your meals to pack up on plenty of energy and nutrients for your journey. Also pack a snack for the road e.g. nuts, seeds, dark chocolate and a protein bar to help keep your energy and blood sugar level balanced.

4. Stay hydrated: Avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible. We are usually fond of re-filling on sodas during our pit stops so instead of getting sodas, buy water. Always stay hydrated.

After your travels

1. Take that shower: Some of you might be looking at this and saying, “Well that’s a bit obvious,” but it’s not. Usually after traveling, the body will register fatigue to a point where when you get home or to your hotel, you feel too lazy and tired to shower. You just want to sleep, even if it’s on top of the covers, right? Doing this will only make you more sluggish.

Water is very therapeutic and after your shower or bath, you end up feeling less tired and more prepared to rest with you being clean and fresh.

2. Rest: Jetlag and driving for long distances is bound to leave you exhausted. Be sure to take a few days off to rest and rejuvenate. If you can’t take a few days – maybe due to work and other obligations- make sure you rest immediately you arrive and be sure to take it easy in the days to come. Stressing your system will only cause it to crash and burn.

3. Get a massage: You don’t necessarily have to get a massage but you can also go for swimming, get a day worth of spa treatment or just go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin. Try to find a way to relax and clear your thoughts. Meditation works for many people, as can taking a walk in a nearby park.

4. Exercise: There are many important health benefits of exercise. It also helps with time-change adjustments and may speed up the return of your internal body clock especially to fight the jet-lag.

5. Take a walk, not a pill: Most of the time, many people who fly experience crazy headaches due to the differences in air pressure resulting in popping painkillers almost all the time. Instead of taking medication, opt for a walk in the bliss that nature provides. The calm and serenity that Mother Nature has to offer is bound to cure that jetlag headache.

Get some more tips 6 Ways to Curb Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue. When the travel no longer becomes fun, you have to ask yourself why you’re doing it.

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