How To Make The Most Out Of Your Bedsitter

Bedsitter with dividers. Image from

The fantasy house from childhood is that big mansion we see in movies or perhaps the house we grew up in. Then as we grow up our parents remind us that we need to work for our own things and that money doesn’t grow on trees. Initially many of us start out in a small bedsitter or a one-bedroom in a not so classy neighbourhood and we have to make due. With the salary, you’re getting and the lifestyle you want it can look impossible to make the bedsitter you are renting to work. In the first month in your small new home, it may be a bit depressing considering the space. This is the place you would like to invite your friends over for a meal, the place you will be running to after a long day and the place you will take pride in as your own. Here are a few tips to make your bedsitter amazing.

1. Closets: I recently bought a portable closet from T-mall Tusky’s and it was perfect. They can create for you a portable closet either out of three nice big boxes that your clothes can fit in or if not you can get a wardrobe that has a chest of drawers where you can put your clothes, bedsheets, toiletries and many other things.

You can either buy it or get one from a carpenter and make sure it is the right size that will not crowd your space and is inexpensive. There is also storage boxes that have actual material and are about 800 also from Tusky’s and you can put a lot in there.

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Using your closet effectively. Image from
Using your closet effectively. Image from

So maybe you do not need to buy a closet from Tusky’s but you may have a small closet. There is a way you can be able to utilize your small space. For starters, the space that one may ignore which is at the bottom can store a lot of your things. If you do not have space for your unused items this is the place to place them in. You may even learn how to makeshift space by using small dividers.

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Bedsitter with dividers. Image from
Bedsitter with dividers. Image from

2. Room dividers: If your bedsitter is quite big then you have the option of creating walls by putting room dividers. This makes the place look classy especially if you choose to use curtains as room dividers. Use flamboyant colours that make your place pop. This makes your place feel more spacious as well.

3. Floor pillows: In as much as you may have to buy some furniture. If you cannot afford furniture the cheapest route to go is to buy floor pillows. These pillows are comfortable; if your guests come they can sit and sleep on them as well. As long as your floors are clean or clean carpets then you’re good to go.

4. Furniture: Depending on the space you have then it is best to have things that can serve as multi-purpose such as a small table that can hold your gas and other utensils. A small two sitter couch can also do the trick if you have the space. Keeping in mind that furniture is expensive, here are some ideas tips that you can use to make it look better.

using suitcases
Using suitcases in the house. Image from

a. Old belts into shelves: There are two things you may have and think of throwing out. Wood and old belts, you can be creative with these two things. Shelves are quite expensive to buy. You can put up a shelf on your wall with the belts holding the wood. You may put a few light décors on it or some photos.

Turning belts into shelves. Image from
Turning belts into shelves. Image from

b. Chests and suitcases: Sometimes while in a bedsitter you may not have space for your suitcases. Well, these can be a classy add up to your bedsitter. You can store items in the case that are using up space and at the same time, it can be a coffee table or hold ornaments like vases. This is super creative, saves space and again you get to save some money.
5. Accessories: You must have your own personal taste that you’re into. There’s a lot that can make your place look glam. First, you need to create ambience. Have a lamp with a dim light creates a mood, especially if you have a date over.

Then have some photos on your wall, either art or something sentimental though not too much. Have a small rug to accentuate your floor. Remember to also compartmentalize your bedsitter, when you keep everything neat and in its rightful space you most likely have a very organized bedsitter because the last thing you want is to be disorganized in a small space. Look for used items and use websites that have offers.

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6. Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen area, you need to be very resourceful. Buy a big lunch box where you can put your vegetables, possible those big ice-cream tins. You should also buy a dish rack to avoid dishes everywhere or even worse mixing up with dirty dishes. Have a small gas, two burners or a one burner cooker to save space. A fridge is very important (if you can afford it) as you save money from buying food every day.

It is important to store everything as it should be in order to enjoy your kitchen. In case you need to create your own kitchenette have a long table that you can have a kettle, gas cooker as well as dish rack. Avoid having too many dishes, only get what you would need and some for your guests.

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7. Cleanliness: Since your room is small, you need to have a timetable on how often you will clean your room. Make sure you take the trash out as often as possible and open your windows.

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Keep an air freshener for the house and try very hard to keep it tidy. There is nothing worse than a small untidy room. Keep an eye out for pests. Do a general cleaning with an antiseptic at least once or twice a week. It is easier to get sick in a small room if congested, dirty and full of bacteria.

So there you have it, if you have just moved out and need to have more ideas check out decor ideas for a bedsitter and tips to create a more organized home.

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