10 great gadgets that will make your life easier this year

Nanny camera hidden in a clock. Image from http://www.hidden-nanny-cam.com/products/wall-clock-nanny-cam-with-built-in-dvr#.VwuaOdA1Z1s

Technology makes our lives easier. There has been a constant progress with electronics in every area in life. We have come from a time where technology was simply a phone and a computer. In recent years with advancements in every field; practical gadgets have been created in areas such as beauty and parenting amongst other areas that I personally would not have imagined. Here are a few gadgets that you should consider getting.

1. Power bank for phones and laptops: I have been meaning to buy a power bank for a while now especially because I keep borrowing one. As we increasingly use our devices for more than just texting and calling it’s rather obvious that we use more power to work and last a day or sometimes a few hours. In Nairobi there are so many power banks sold on the streets amongst other places. When there is no electricity or you go for a camp you needn’t worry about your phone dying as long as you have a power bank. Ensure you get one from a credible company shop such as Sony or a proper gadget store.

Gadget charger. Image from //www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Laptop-Computer-5V-2100mA-Output-Power-Bank-for-Apple-air-External-Battery/101199_1493094451.html
Gadget charger. Image from http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Laptop-Computer-5V-2100mA-Output-Power-Bank-for-Apple-air-External-Battery/101199_1493094451.html

Nowadays you can also get power banks for computers so that when lights go out you can continue working. These electronic power banks can also be used for other gadgets around the house.

2. Kid’s tablets/laptop: There are new tablets that have been made especially for kids; these tabs are used for games and educational purposes. This is an exciting way for your child to learn new things as they learn to be technologically capable. With the fear that your child may download unwanted apps you can put a password on the WIFI that only you know and ensure that your child only has access to what you have downloaded for them. There are also laptops that are purely educational such as Barbie laptop that has a very friendly interface, I used to own one when I was 8 and it helped me know my spellings better and multiplication.

3. Fitness trackers: These trackers are perfect for tracking your time, distance, pace and heart rate as well as calories burned. It works perfectly when you are trying to be health conscious and keeps you active as well. Fitness trackers are becoming very popular particularly because there are websites that form a small society on the website from the fitness tracker companies such as NIKE and Fitbit where you compare your progress with other people. This challenges you and helps you reach your goal.


The fitbit. Image from //gizmodo.com/fitbit-charge-tracker-is-finally-here-charge-hr-and-su-1650995353
The fitbit. Image from http://gizmodo.com/fitbit-charge-tracker-is-finally-here-charge-hr-and-su-1650995353

4. Cushioned headphones: What’s not to love when you have big cushioned headphones that keep your ears warm and do not damage your ear drums? I like these headphones as they don’t keep falling off. You can jog with them at ease and they look cool too.

5. Portable speaker: I recently bought a portable speaker these speakers work as an audio input using a cable or Bluetooth. This comes in handy when you’d like to go for a picnic or when there’s no electricity it still works as long as you have charged it. Depending on what you want most portable speakers are light and easy to move around with. As a matter of fact, if you do not have a functioning radio in your car these speakers can be the replacement. They are very loud and easy to use. Most original speakers are not cheap but you can get some great deals in the city center.

6. Nanny camera: This may be viewed as an invasion but I consider this as a handy gadget if you’re a parent or if you may not trust your new nanny. This gadget has without a doubt exposed some ruthless nannies that have abused kids in the past; we’ve seen them in videos on social media. It is very small and all you have to do is place them strategically probably in a bear or a hidden place where you may have a sneak peek while you’re at work or going on with your day.

Nanny camera hidden in a clock. Image from //www.hidden-nanny-cam.com/products/wall-clock-nanny-cam-with-built-in-dvr#.VwuaOdA1Z1s
Nanny camera hidden in a clock. Image from http://www.hidden-nanny-cam.com/products/wall-clock-nanny-cam-with-built-in-dvr#.VwuaOdA1Z1s

7. Hand blender: I love this simply because you can carry it anywhere. A handle blender is one kitchen gadget that you should definitely have. It comes with what seems like a jug and the machine that is used to blend. This comes in handy especially if you have a small baby who still feeds on blended food. Since you can’t carry your big blender this hand blender can easily fit in your handbag especially if you’re going to the village or want to have space as you travel.

8. Bluetooth headset : This device comes in handy when you’re driving and you do not need the police holding you up because of this. It is practical and safe as well.

9. Portable DVD Player: I am so sure many have forgotten the small laptop lookalikes that are only meant for watching movies. This is perfect, particularly when you’re on a trip and you would need to distract your kids or yourself. It can serve as a radio and a movie player.

10. Mp3 player: If you would like to conserve your phone battery then you do not need to listen to music on it. Smart phones tend to have batteries that drain very fast. You can store a lot of music or podcasts on them. When you are going for a jog and don’t want to carry your phone for security reasons they are convenient or when you are travelling.

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