10 hacks to make the most of your morning

Good mornings are not my thing. Image from http://www.ironbodystudios.com/index.cfm/news-updates/since-when-did-i-become-a-morning-person/

I dread mornings. I am personally not a morning person. Days that require me to be up before or by 5:00 a.m. literally suck the life out of me. I also don’t understand how some people can just be cheerful and happy from the moment they wake up. We’ve all encountered those people whose mornings don’t start without at least a cup of coffee because their bodies and minds haven’t jump-started yet? Unfortunately that’s me.

Good mornings are not my thing. Image from http://www.ironbodystudios.com/index.cfm/news-updates/since-when-did-i-become-a-morning-person/
Good mornings are not my thing. Image from http://www.ironbodystudios.com/index.cfm/news-updates/since-when-did-i-become-a-morning-person/

However, you can twist your morning schedule to be able to get the most out of your morning and have a kick-ass rest of the day.

1. Start early

The best way to get the most of your day is by starting off early. This generally means getting into bed early the previous evening so as to get sufficient sleep. Adequate rest gives you more energy, clarity and productivity with your body and mind able to effectively rejuvenate as you sleep.

2. Meditation

Seclude an area of your house where you can get to be with yourself. Take a few minutes to pray, read up on some motivational books or articles and take time to inject positive thoughts into the day ahead of you. Some quality time set aside for meditation in the morning help you focus and also gives you a feeling of clarity to start the day.

3. Exercise

Engaging in simple exercises and routines like jogging and cycling in the morning may sound like an abhor task especially when every inch of you craves to cuddle a bit more with your blankets, but it is worth it. People who engage in regular exercise are calmer and better equipped to deal with whatever the day might throw at them. You can start out simple with biking, jogging, talking power walks or some yoga in the comfort of your home.

4. Music

Do you have songs that just absolutely brighten up your mood? Do you have a couple of tracks that automatically lift up your spirits to the point where you forget what made you grumpy? Make a playlist. Have your favorite music playing from the moment you go jogging, to the moment you take a shower to when you’re in your car or matatu stuck in morning traffic. Music makes you feel happier, puts you in a good mood and drastically reduces stress.

5. Drink warm water

Warm water in the morning helps with a lot of things. One of them includes purifying the colon that makes the process of absorbing nutrients easy. You can opt to add lemon slices which is also good for cleansing the digestive system and boosting your body’s metabolism.

6. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is a great way of boosting your metabolism. Ensure you fill your water bottle every morning and if you find plain water boring, spruce it up with a couple slices of either strawberries or mint.

Have some coffee. Image from http://www.ironbodystudios.com/index.cfm/news-updates/since-when-did-i-become-a-morning-person/

7. Coffee

There are numerous benefits to the caffeinated drink. It caffeine boost jolts the brain jump-starting the day in the right direction. Coffee also provides health benefits with it being full of antioxidants. Not only is it a much-needed morning ritual for most people, it also reduces stress and perks you up just by the smell alone!

8. Eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a recipe for disaster. Starting an energy-packed day without the right nutrients and calories will only ensure that you experience burn out before midday. Have a diet consisting of proteins, fiber and carbs.

9. Set your top priorities

Having a clear morning schedule helps in getting your most important tasks accomplished giving you a head start in your day. Be sure not to crowd the morning though; find what is most important. Some call this eating the frog.

10. Dress well

Dressing well not only adds to your self-esteem and confidence, it also sets a positive tone for your day and puts you in the best possible state to meet your day. Keep in mind that people first notice what you are wearing before you even start a conversation with them; so make it worth their while.

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