Relationships: Tips for a blind date

Going on a blind date. Image from

Once you make a decision to get into a relationship, you have to do it like you are going to Antarctica- prepared. Part of that preparation means you will go out on a couple of dates to get that perfect suitor. You become friendly, you frequent dating sites and you clean up your online junk to pass off as a potential suitor. No matter how much of a serial dater you are, there are some dates you are never fully prepared for. You may have mastered the art of dating but still there is always that date that gives you clammy hands and makes your heart palpitate a bit too much- blind dates. While there is no manual out there on how to go about blind dates, here are a few hacks that will help you come out unscathed in case you are meeting a date for the very first time after days (or months) of talking virtually.

Going on a blind date. Image from
Going on a blind date. Image from


In the first minutes of meeting, subtly complimenting your date is an ideal ice breaker. Don’t overdo it though. If she has excess make up on, don’t exaggerate and say she is the most beautiful lady in the world. Keep it brief and true.

About you

Even if the whole world halts at the snap of your finger or you have an orangutan for a pet, avoid puffing your ego in front of your date. How you present your case will determine whether there will be another future date or even the prospect of taking it further into a relationship. You probably know each other by name so the next probable thing to say is your occupation and show a fun side of you. Things like your hobbies and general stuff like your outlook on life.

Meeting place

So both of you have apartments. Your date is fast approaching and you are having this debate on where to meet. He suggests that you meet at his place. Wrong move. Meeting someone you have never met before requires that you meet in a public place. You are meeting to get to know each other, not to cook or (dis)approve of his culinary skills.


You are never fully aware of what to anticipate in a blind date. Your date might have said only what makes them look more appealing and you are utterly shocked when you meet them in person. You do not want to be frustrated after days of chatting or meeting for the first time so keep your expectations to a minimum. You’d rather be surprised than disappointed. If your date is not anything you anticipated, keep your cool. Do not embarrass them by acting weirdly or dismissing them as soon as you meet.

Stand out

There are so many things you can be on a first date. Choose to stand out. Dress smartly. Splash that pleasant cologne on you. Spice up things by bringing her flowers or any gift on that first date. It will send a positive signal. Show your charming side. Exceed their expectations

Awkward conversation

After the usual of introductions and getting to know each other, you do not want to have weird silence engulfing your conversation. Worse still, is having meaningless conversation fillers which make your date uncomfortable. Do not dig deep in their lives asking whether they have kids or recently divorced. Seize this chance to portray your wit and charm gracefully. Bring up smart conversations that will earn you marks at the end of that date. Go slow on the cussing unless you are sure it will not offend them.

Table manners

Your date took you to a chic restaurant where they sell your favourite meal. You know what’s even better? They let you eat as much as your tummy can handle. See, your date will act all normal as you carry a mountain of food in your plate though they will be uncomfortable on the inside. Why lose your dignity over a plate of food?

Are you paying the bills?

Whoever asked the other out pays the bill. It is that simple.


When your date asks to leave, you don’t have to cling on them or make it hard for them to leave. See them off or if they are comfortable, drop them at a convenient place for them. This is not the time to carry a condom for a one night stand.

If they are done right, blind dates are not as nightmarish as people make them sound.

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