6 reasons why you should attend the Koroga Festival


Barely two years since its inception in 2014, the bi-monthly music extravaganza hosted by Capital FM- Koroga Festival, has moved from near-anonymity to being sold out (as was the case with the 11th edition). The festival, normally held at the green Arboretum grounds, has seen celebrated artists from around the world stage performances that are forever etched in the revellers’ minds. From Simphiwe Dana, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Papa Wemba, Ali Kiba, Jose Chameleone to Koffi Olominde just to mention a few of the headlining acts, the Koroga Festival has undoubtedly proved to be an ideal event to attend.

Now going to its 12th edition, it is obvious that the organisers of the event put in the work to raise the bar even higher judging by the masses that flock the festival. The headlining act for the 12th edition will be Manu Dibango. The Cameroonian musician has been in the music business for more than fifty years and has fifty five albums to his name. Mark the date; it will be going down on May 8th 2016. If you are an ardent Koroga festival attendee, grab your tickets as early as now lest you are locked out as a result of over subscription by the early birds.

While we agree that the event is more about the music than anything else, it does not escape me one bit that there are other attractive things about it. Here are some of those:

Good food and tipple

So the organizers have this policy where they do not allow food or drinks from outside but not without a plan to take care of your tummy.  It is natural that after dancing to the great tunes, you will be craving to have something to eat or drink. At Koroga, good food and drinks are aplenty. There are tents pitched all over where you can grab your favourite meal and wash it down with your favourite drinks. Think 1824, think barbeque, think Calsberg, think Coca Cola. Even if you are a ‘binge drinker’, you are sorted.  The best part is this food is fresh off the grill and drinks served to your preference- chilled or otherwise.

Kid’s fun day

As their parents and guardians do jigs in the main tent, there is a section for kids where they can have some fun. From trampoline to bouncing castles to face painting, your kid is sure to enjoy every moment as they play with other kids.


If there is an event that says fashion, well save for the exclusive fashion events, is Koroga. People who attend the show are clad in smart outfits that make it a beautiful sight to behold. Here you will see people who don’t just wear clothes but are out to make a fashion statement. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can make your way to one of the shows and get to talk to a few people on what inspires their fashion sense. Fashion: What To Wear To The #Koroga Festival


Unlike many events that are pricey yet they don’t even live to their billing, Koroga is different cup of tea. For just Kshs. 2000, you are guaranteed to have fun and create great memories that you will never forget.  Now the organisers know that we all love freebies and that’s why they let your kids who are below twelve years get in free.

Chance to meet up with friends

Kenyans are globally known for being industrious thus they spend most of their time working. Koroga festival is normally held on Sunday afternoons when you are not working and probably idling at home. This offers you a great chance to call up your friends and hang out together and have a great time. The weather is usually good (most of the times) and you get to listen to music from artists worth their craft.

Ali Kiba singing to the fans
Ali Kiba singing to the fans


We can all agree that cases of insecurity in Nairobi are common. Or those creepy young thugs who rummage through your handbag in a matter of microseconds and before you know it your phone is gone? The good thing about the Koroga festival is that security is beefed up to ensure you don’t find your car wheels deflated or find that your side mirrors has disappeared. There are a number of security checks done to ensure it is completely safe for you and other revellers to have a great time.

See you at Koroga.

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