Entrepreneurship: Tips to help you as you start


While entrepreneurship is not for everyone, many young people are now becoming entrepreneurs instead of applying for jobs.  Although the journey of doing one’s own thing is not easy, this move is a very bold one and it takes a lot of hard work especially is there is no proper support. While there are many books that promise to help your business grow and how to be rich there are some general traits that you should have before venturing into your own business.  Here are a few tips as you start on this journey.

Starting a business is a process. You need to crawl before you can walk. Image from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270300

Passion: There are many of us who move from what we originally studied to do what we actually love. Then there are those who move from what they love to where there is money. If you start a business that you are not passionate about you may get tired very fast when it doesn’t pick up as soon as you thought it might. To keep your business moving, you need to have the passion, patience and self-determination to guarantee a successful business.

Do not rush: When it comes to business it is best to start small, never invest everything you have all at once. If you throw yourself all in and it backfires then you may have massive losses. This may mean that you may not be able to start up another possible business. You need to think of risks of the business you’re about to start and take baby steps, invest more as you watch the business grow.

Learn to market: Your business will not speak for itself and self advertise. Share your vision with people who will help you market your business. Push it on social media while remembering your target audience. The client is always the focus at the end of the day. Since we are in a digital world, you may need to push your vision online as much as possible and do not give up even. Use platforms like OLX Kenya to sell your products and services or even groups like Kilimani Mums Marketplace.

If you have some extra money you can create flyers by either printing them yourself or simply getting a cheap deal somewhere such as River road in town. While starting out your own business, you are your own public relations officer.

Ensure you advertise yourself to everyone, create a newsletter or a website where people can be getting additional information about your business.

If your business is a service you may have to either give discounts or free services in order to get your name out there. Let people rate you and know where you can improve, before you go all out with your business.

Be strategic: You need to have a plan when you start your business. Do not just assume you know the business you’re venturing it. Do your research about the things you’ll be doing and be very specific. Learn from successful businesses and the competitors in the market.

Always take action: There is no time to waste when it comes to starting up a business. I have always asked people who have started their own businesses why they never rest. Well this is now your baby, you need to nurture it and for a while things like leave and holidays may have to be put off.

Invite people: You may need to have partners or hire people who have the same dream and vision as you. If you get employees share the vision with them and show them how the business will benefit them so that they are inspired to work harder. This will be your A team; do not compromise on who you put on this team as they need to be motivated to get you to that goal you want to achieve.

At the end of the day it is important to have a positive mindset because people may discourage you. But if that business is your dream, go out and pursue it.

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