Productivity: Working From Home – 10 Ways To Make It Work


Working from the comfort of your home has endless perks. Unlike people who work on a 9-5 basis, there is a large sense of freedom when you get to work in the house; but as they say, ‘with freedom comes a lot of responsibility’. While working from home, issues such as waking up to beat the traffic and rushing to get to the office before the boss notices you’re not at your desk are fiction. But as some treat it like any other day at the office, some find it to be a struggle and staying focused and productive are just some of the issues they constantly have to face.

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Here are some tips on how to work from home and actually make it work:

  1. Have a dedicated workspace

Just like the office, set aside a space that’s conducive enough for you to achieve your best. Make it a dedicated office space that feels as if you’re actually going to ‘work’. Have your equipment ready and set in that space at all times; be it your journals, stationery, laptop etc. Let it be a space where you are comfortable and productive at the same time. 7 Ways To Keep Your Business Separate From Your Personal Life

  1. Alternative workspaces

If you find it hard to concentrate or feel motivated at home – especially with your comfy bed nearby that seems to call you out – you can find places that are relatively calm, quiet and favourable for you to work. Examples of these can be libraries and coffee shops. If you miss the feeling of working alongside others, you can look for areas that offer shared office spaces.

  1. Have a good breakfast

With every waking day, you need your supply of nutrients and vitamins to give you the metabolism and energy to work throughout the day. The same case applies to working from home. Just because the kitchen is a few doors down doesn’t mean that you should postpone breakfast to brunch. Eat wisely so that you have enough body fuel to avoid unnecessary snacking of junk food throughout the morning. Quick And Easy Ways To Make Your Meals A Little More Exciting

  1. Create a work schedule

It’s very easy to get sucked into a ‘comfortable’ way of working, especially for the first few weeks that you start working from home. With longer sleeping hours and the freedom that comes with working in your own space, it becomes very easy to fall back especially in your productivity levels.

To be able to effectively work from home, you must be well-organized and highly self-disciplined, and this is no easy task. Make a schedule that helps you get work done. How to Increase Your Productivity By Managing Your Time

  1. Make a list of distractions

What are some of the things you would like to be doing if you were at home with no work to do? Is it binge-watching that new season of Scandal, playing video games, reading or going out with a couple of friends? Make this list and keep it somewhere you can see it during the day then treat it as your reward once you’ve finished your work. 6 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

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  1. Get out

Take breaks. Get up and go fix a snack – from scratch. Go for a walk or take a nap. Allow your body to stretch out and rejuvenate for the rest of the day. Once you undertake some of these activities, you’ll come back to your workstation feeling even more energized and ready to finish your work. Physical And Mental Benefits Of Reconnecting With Nature

  1. Find your rhythm

Everyone has a different way of working. Some prefer working best in the morning, others get their work burst of energy at night. This is known as circadian rhythms. This is your 24-hour cycle of energy: for most people, their peak energy and focus hits a few hours after waking in the morning. In the afternoon, there is a significant decrease in energy and it becomes hard to focus. This is followed by another burst of energy right before they leave work.

Of course, this is not the same for everyone, so keep track of your energy and focus levels at regular intervals throughout the day.

8. Try some music

Having some soft music playing in the background can also help in working better. It helps in improving your mood, making you complete your tasks more quickly. Uses Of Music For Mental Health

9. Stay hydrated

Some important reasons why you should stay hydrated at work include:

  1. Stay relevant

Working from home can prevent the structure of building new workplace relationships or even growing your contacts. You need to stay relevant. Research on events you can go for that will help build your career. Get to meet new people as you get to know what’s happening in the world. Have coffee with clients, other people in your industry and friends. How To Network Successfully

How to Increase Your Productivity By Managing Your Time

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