Video Review – The Infinix Hot 3


Video Review Of The Infinix Hot 2 Vs. Hot 3

Infinix has been on a run over the last couple months. They have launched phone after phone and continued to maintain high standards in their devices. Their latest device to be launched is the Infinix Hot 3, an upgrade to the Hot 2. In case you haven’t tried out the Hot series phones, let me take you on a ride.

Infinix hot 3. Image from
Infinix hot 3. Image from

While the Hot 2 was definitely a great phone at a low price, the Infinix Hot 3 is an even better phone at almost the same price. The price difference between the two devices is about Kshs. 200 but the difference in specs is way more than that.

When I got the phone, I noticed that it packs more or less the same type of earphones, charger, and USB cable.  However, the Infinix Hot 3 has a much bigger screen size of 5.5-inch from the 5-inch on the Hot 2. In addition, it is much lighter and much thinner. The trend now is bigger, lighter, and thinner, and the Hot 3 delivers in this department.

From Android One to XUI

Infinix has been moving away from using Android, and instead, opting for its own version of XUI with its premium phones. The Hot 3 is the latest phone in the Hot series to pack the new operating system. While the Hot 2 came with Android One, a version of Android created for low bandwidth markets, the XUI has a much better, seamless feel. It is just as fast and comes with pretty much all the major apps you intend to use right out of the box.

Both phones pack the same CPU and RAM, so don’t expect a much faster boot-up time frame or games loading and playing faster. This however, will not be a problem if you are a light user, which is what most of us are.

XUI also comes with an intelligent power management system. This means you get more usage hours out of your battery on the Hot 3 compared to Hot 2. In addition, you now have a 3030mAH battery which is about 1000mAH more than the Hot 2. So you can enjoy a better much experience for a longer time period.

The Camera

Of course, it wouldn’t be a review without looking at the camera. They both pack the same camera but the end result is quite different. The bigger screen size and its ability to go much brighter than the Hot 2 makes a huge difference in the final result.

When it comes to shooting video, you get much better colour calibration and the videos look much brighter on the Hot 3.

I also enjoyed the camera’s better handling capability and the ease of locating pictures and videos. In addition, you have much better photo editing features on the Hot 3 with way more filters and enhancements.

Clearly, for a few extra hundred shillings, you have a way better deal with the Hot 3 over the Hot 2. I would recommend the Hot 3 because of its better operating system, a bigger real estate, and of course, a better look on my photos and video watching experience.

Here is a side-by-side video review comparison of the two phones.

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