Fashion: The Crop Top Generation


Crop Top Generation

This trend has been in full swing for some time and even on the international fashion scene it does not seem to be slowing down. You have to admire international designers in skillfully reinventing this trend for amazing red carpet looks. It’s one of the bridal 2016 trends and even making an appearance on the tennis courts.

Beyonce in a crop top and skirt. Image from

Locally, while it was at first shocking to reveal so much skin, it is slowly becoming a mainstream every day look especially for University students. Observing them in packs, at least two are wearing crops and while I am all for exerting your style, one of the pillars of style is balance. Wearing a crop top and super super short skirt, or super tight jeans or super tight leggings is tilting the balance and most people have no idea where to look or not to look.

The crop top is not a new trend. Popular musicians such as Da brat, TLC, Janet Jackson wore crop tops. For the generations of the 60s and 70s miniskirts and platforms were all the rage, so every generation has been fixated on showing skin.

Balance is key, it’s been sang by many style gurus. If its tight or revealing at the top then cover up at the bottom or make sure it’s fitting and vice versa. Here are some other tips to ensure you don’t have men or women walking into poles as you walk on the streets;

  • Layering- if you will be wearing your crop top and jeans and yes you suspect those jeans are a tad tight, throw on overlay top, denim or checked shirt that is unbuttoned. Simple, easy and adds to your look. For more chilly days, pick chunky knit sweaters, waterfall sweaters or jackets, hoodies and sleeveless trench coat will keep you warm and stylish.
  • Leggings- are not to be paired with crop tops, unless it’s a gym top and you are headed to the gym. Leggings are NOT jeans. They require some behind coverage. If you must, select a hi-low crop top.
  • Pairings –crop tops match really well with balanced and more flowing bottoms, such as A-line skirts, palazzo pants and maxi or midi skirts. Dungarees are also a great match for crop tops.
  • Bandage skirts- are also a great pairing for crop tops but this comes with numerous warnings. It should not tight but fitting, look out for visible panty lines and ensures you are wearing the right inner support to pull off this look. Trust me, as good as the Kardashians look in crop tops and bandage skirts they have the right foundation and work to keep fit.
  • Plus size tips- one of my favorite bloggers, wears her sleeveless crop top on top of a white shirt, paired with jeans. Ingenious and super simple. If you are pairing a crop top with A-line, pencil or maxi skirt, ensure the crop top is abit longer than the norm and there is not much space between the top and the skirt allowing a sliver of skin to show.

    Crop tops for curvy girls. Image from
  • Abit loose- not all crop tops need to hug you like second skin, a baggier crop top has a more relaxed vibe and offsets the flashes of skin.
  • Get high- crop tops pair well with high waisted items from skirt ,jeans or pants, they cinch in your waist and compliment the crop top .A high waisted skirt with a crop top gives a chic look and is perfect for a beginner to the crop top trend. Mix up different textures and you have a sure go to style.

It’s interesting to note the crop top was not as easily accepted initially as most felt it was too revealing but in the 1940s when fabric was rationed due to the wars, designers seized the opportunity to show some skin. It was popularly paired with a high waisted skirt and at some point it was illegal for a woman to pair her midriff halter crop top with shorts in Central Park.

Wearing a crop top with a skirt. Image from

Luckily, times have changed and the crop top is more loved than ever. If you are wondering if you should dare to bare? You definitely should, tastefully with style and balance. There is a crop top for every size!

If you happen to go to the beach, by all means where the crop top with itsy bitsy shorts or super short skirts, it’s the beach and there are no poles for anyone to walk into!

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