What if I traded places with my mum?


Ever watched Freaky Friday? The movie where a mother and daughter end up switching bodies for a day? I recently watched it and it got me thinking, what if my mother and I switched roles? At first I thought about how awesome it would be to be in a mother’s position. I think our yearning to be mother’s changes over time. When I was young and my mum would cane me for my mistakes I would wish to be her. The fact that at a younger age mum is always right as well as the boss was a bore. Sometimes I would love her while at other times I simply did not like her. To me at a younger age, I would not take a walk in my mother’s shoes. Mum was superwoman at all times.

Mother and child. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/319544536033241247/

Fast forward years later, here I am now. I still try and fathom a day in my mum’s life, me as her and her as me. If she were me, she would happily wake up with little or no worry in the world. Yes, she would have some thoughts about the latest phone, if Jake replied to her text and what she needs from mum. As she would go to work, her biggest concern would be to have enough money for the turn up that month. I wonder what she would do with all my empty thoughts at times. If she could realign some parts of my brain to be more thoughtful; she probably would. Then of course she would meet my friends; lazy one, the studious one, the alcoholic as well as the staunchest Christian. She would wonder why I need so many friends. Point is life in my shoes would be much easier for her.

Now let’s see what would happen if it were me in my mother’s shoes. For starters, she is never late to work. She wakes up before everyone else to make sure breakfast is ready. I would roll out of bed in the morning and complain. Why do I have to wake up earlier to ensure that everyone is set for the day? I would get rich then hire managers. Her finesse is extreme and she would never be under dressed.

My mum is always catching with her children to see how they are doing. The questions based on what is going on in every child’s life. She always has words of comfort. To my small sister, at this time my daughter I would advise her to read hard and assure her that she would protect her from bullies. My mum is always constantly explaining how the world works to us older siblings and I would have to do this. She never really wants to let us go, as she is in fear we will stumble. Her prayers are definitely longer than mine, I sometimes pray when I remember. She prays for her children in the morning, her food at lunch time, dinner and before she sleeps.

Then she gets to work and as usual there is too much to do. She wishes to retire soon but she cannot just yet until her babies are fully settled. I simply cannot deal with the pressure from work, society, children, sister, mother and everyone around. Mum does it well. Her phone rings off the hook, me asking her for money sometimes so I can save mine. Then the younger one wants new outfits, school uniform, the latest hairstyle as well as many other things. Dad may help but somehow kids will mostly disturb mum with all these demands. My head is throbbing from all the tension. How does she take care of herself and us? She joyously accommodates everyone wanting no one to go astray. I surrender. I cannot trade places with my mother, her battles seem too hard to bear.

As a matter of fact we all cannot trade places with our mothers. They are the backbones of our society. They support us, support people near them and still smile. They are our managers, our shoulders to lean on and to stand on. So dear mother, I know I have not even mentioned half of the things you go through, that’s only because I am not as super as you. There are a lot of things our mothers do not tell us, to protect us from worry. So if I traded places with my mum, I wouldn’t make it a day in her shoes. Although when I do start a family, I will follow your rules to the letter.

Happy mother’s day to all mothers and mothers to be.

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Vanessa Raychael is a young writer passionate about writing. She is a student at Daystar University. She has written for the People newspaper as a fiction writer and she also hosts a show in a gospel station known as Vision TV. During her spare time, she likes nature trails, spending time with friends and going for events. You can check out her work on her blog nochills.blogspot.com