Is your man stingy?

Money. Photographer: Trevor Snapp/Bloomberg
A man counts Kenyan Schillings, the currency of Kenya, in Nairobi, Kenya, on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics said it will postpone publishing February's inflation data by at least a day or two to prepare for the release of a revised consumer price index basket. Photographer: Trevor Snapp/Bloomberg
A man counting money. Photographer: Trevor Snapp/Bloomberg

I honestly think that an independent woman might be confused about  whether her man is stingy, selfish or just cheap. We have come a long way from the thinking that the man should be the only provider but many relationships have ended because of financial misunderstandings. It starts when you pay for everything because he earns less or perhaps you want to prove you can do it. There are couples who agree to split their bills while others a man hardly contributes. Stinginess is very different from a broke man or even an economical minded man. An economical man manages his finances along with you but not live off you. A broke man simply cannot afford it. A stingy man has the money but it almost kills him if he spends especially on you. So let’s answer that question then you decide.

1. He is too enthusiastic that you never ask him for anything

Of course men like ladies that are thoughtful when it comes to finances. I mean regardless of how much money he has, asking for a car is a bit too much when you are are dating and are not married. Although the problem sets in if he is happy that you do not ask for simple things. For example: if he is in the supermarket he prefers if you pay for your own things and his separately. The excuse maybe that it’s too soon to be paying anything for you if you have only been dating for a few months. My belief is as long as he is your man there are simple things he perhaps should offer to do.

2. Only coffee dates?

To begin with, a coffee date does the trick. Especially if perhaps there is still a tight budget. But after a while into your relationship, he should step it up. If he has the money to go with his boys to the most expensive clubs then why not a proper restaurant? Coffee dates are for friends or official matters. He cannot simply load you up on caffeine and get privileges. This man in future will have a hard time even taking you to those coffee dates.

3. Only likes financially stable women

There are some men who have genuine reasons to want a hardworking woman who has her own stuff.. These genuine men want a woman who can make it if he can’t or if something ever happens to him. These men also think it’s unnecessary for a woman to ask for money to go to the salon and for petty things. Although there are those who like financially stable and generous women, these men like women who can support them. They may have their own money but yours somehow is preferable. They will borrow money from you and never bother to return it. As a matter of fact their favorite statement is that they will pay you back.

4. Complains about prices

This man can never give it a rest when it comes to prices. He will negotiate when it comes to a meal that has a fixed price. Remember an economical man works within a budget this means he knows the prices before hand and he has worked out whether he can pay it. A stingy man who can afford it must protest and see if he can get a better offer. He may even turn to look at you to suggest you go to kenchic instead of the restaurant you are in. In future you do not want to be the one buying the finer things in life alone while he always scolds you. He does not like to spend his money at all.

5. Gold digger speech

To this kind of man as long as he has ever done something financial for a lady she is a gold digger. Every woman to him is after his money and he likes teaching women a lesson by never paying for anything. To this man he pays for things like it’s an incentive even while you are in a relationship. He applauds you because you have no problem paying for your own things even when he is there. He states that he has worked very hard for his money. This kind of man puts pressure on you to prove to him that you are indeed Miss independent. He may earn more than you but he feels very comfortable with you spending most of it.

Yes, women earn nowadays but a man should not be comfortable when a woman spends on him constantly. If you are constantly spending on a man think about the reason. Is it that he is broke, stingy or you are trying to prove a point? People say you should pick a struggle. A relationship should not financially burden you all the time unless the other may be going through a hard time and you want to help. So, is your man stingy?

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