Get your love on: Love idioms from around the world


There are many different ways to say romantic things. More often than not, we are used to the usual “I love you” or “you look amazing”. A project recently brought together love idioms from around the world in an infographic. These illustrations were done by the well-known Elly Walton. The illustrations show examples of different love expressions that people use around the world.

You may be wondering what exactly are love idioms? To begin with, according to the dictionary an idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable. In short these love idioms are not predictable and make your vibe life much easier. These are a group of words that create love phrases and will most likely make you sound smart and all rounded.

For example, in China they say “dry firewood meets a flame, meaning instant attraction”. These love idioms make the love language more romantic as well as funny. Although I must say some need some certain level of humor or smartness. You can strike a conversation with your crush by simply saying “to have eaten a monkey” meaning to have gone crazy in love. This is one of the best artistic ways to express love. If you’re a shy person or someone who takes time to woo a girl these expressions may just save your game! You can find more of these illustrations at  All the images are courtesy of Elly Walton and Vashi.

Maybe one day we will have a project for Kenyan love idioms as well.

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