Travel: Lewa Conservancy in Pictures


Last week I was at the Lewa Conservancy to find out more about the projects that the Safaricom Lewa Marathon supports. While we were there we managed to go on a couple of game drives where we saw some of the attractions Lewa has to offer. Here are some of the animals you will see as you go on a game drive in this beautiful conservancy. It is worth a visit and you will not be disappointed. Running Wild In Lewa: The #SafaricomMarathon Where Fun Meets Conservation.

Lewa trees


sunrise lewa

elephants and rhinos lewa

elephants lewa 3

elephants lewa 2

giraffes 2 lewa

giraffes Lewa

Lewa many

Lewa zebras 2

Rhinos and Zebras lewa

Zebras lewabuffalo lewaLewa impalas 1

Rhino sleeping lewaPhoto Credits: Nicholas Lelesit

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