Relationships: 6 Reasons Why Being Single Is Not A Bad Thing

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Friday night. You stay up late leafing through your current read. It gets excruciatingly cold at the small hours of the night and so you hop into your bed. You pull the duvet to your neck as a hot mug of coffee sits at the bedside drawer. You’re reading a romantic thriller that is hard to put down. The book paints a picture of a happy couple and you are now convinced that life with a partner is pure bliss. In fact, you imagine how much a relationship will cushion you from all the stress you go through and are actually considering getting into one. But you are a lone wolf. You are single. Relationships really don’t tickle your fancy. You probably are jaded.

Being single can be fun Image from
Being single can be fun Image from

Here is the thing, relationships are good but being in a bad one is worse than being solo. For some people, riding solo is something they decide but for others, life just happens. Sometimes, when you are single, you may feel that you are missing out on thrills but that is not entirely the case. It is not cast in stone that you must be in a relationship or have a spouse to cater to your every whim. You can be single and still be happy. Disclaimer: If you are in a relationship or planning to get into one, this article may not be very appealing to you.

For all single people, here are some benefits of being single.


All human beings have an intrinsic desire for adventure. We all want to explore and tour the world sightseeing, meeting new people, hiking or just having a good time.  When you are single, you can do all these things on a whim unlike when you have a spouse and you have to do prior planning. You have the benefit of spontaneity when it comes to your adventure.


When you are single, you are not limited by anything when it comes to your work. You get to rise up early in the morning or retire to bed late in the night without disturbing a partner who probably is not a morning person or they don’t do the late-night kind of thing. You have more hours to focus on your work as you are not distracted by the many text messages spouses send. It also becomes easier to work on yourself. You hit the gym to tone that muscle or trim that tummy.

Time to hang out with your pals

Being single means that your friends will call you in the middle of the night and tell you they have a random plan and they want you to be part of it, then you will leave your bed and go catch up with them. It also means that less of your time is taken up by a spouse so you spend more time with friends.

Less stress

There is no relationship devoid of fights or disagreements. Some minor tiffs degenerate to great rifts in the house can cause stress to a spouse. Being single means that chances of getting relationship-related stress are unlikely. Or maybe not if you keep wishing to be in a relationship.

Saving money

Besides investing your emotions in a relationship, you dig deeper into your pocket and put money in it. You will be taking care of your partner or just treating them to some gifts. Sometimes you are forced to go to great heights just to please them but money doesn’t care whether you are emotional or not. It will still run out. Being single means that you can be a bit selfish and treat yourself to some gadget or device without necessarily having the pressure of getting another one for your partner.

Time for yourself

This is one of the best reasons why being single is a good idea. There is virtually no limit to what you can do with your ‘Me time’. You are able to sit down and really meditate, set goals and draw plans on how to hit those goals. You also get to be creative as you have time on your hands.

Being single doesn’t mean your life is less fulfilling.

Relationships Are Overrated. Learn To Enjoy Your Single Life

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