Single Lady In Nairobi: Free Drinks In The Club


Why do men try to pick women in the bar with the most cheesiest pick up line ‘can I buy you a drink’? I just discovered that women love free drinks! It doesn’t matter what class you are in, even the most independent woman around appreciates when a man throws a round.

Apart from women loving free drinks, it can also be a great way to start a conversation. It has worked for me and against me before. I went out and two different guys decided to throw me a round. I politely accepted, but asked the waiter to also get them whatever they were drinking. One of them found it rude, the other was intrigued, came over for a great conversation but he never called. Such a forko jembe…. But that’s a story for another day.

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It gets to a point where we have a lot of expenses from shoes to handbags to our hairs that drinks should and will be on someone else’s budget. A man. Maybe this has been passed on by generations but this is the truth of the matter. We all say we can buy our own drinks, sing along to Beyonce’s song Independent Woman but if they had a line that goes ‘shoes on my feet, I’ve bought it, drink I’m drinking, I’ve bought it’ most of us would keep silent when it comes to that line, same way we might skip the lines ‘the house I live in, I’ve bought it, the car I’m driving, I’ve bought it’

What is it about these words that make men confident enough to ask any girl out with the lines ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ or, ‘I have drinks in my house’. Is it the classic line passed down generations of men as the easiest way to catch a girl’s attention?

What is it with drinks?

Long ago, my friend and I used to sit down on a loose Saturday afternoon and scroll down the phonebook to find guys who can buy us drinks. We had categorized them. Guys who buy in bottles, guys who will send Mpesa for you to buy the drinks, guys who insist on buying you a drink wherever they are and guys who feel there should be an exchange of sex with drinks.

When ladies go on a night out, they always plan on the drinks they will buy or the money they will spend on drinks. However, some (not all) may also set a target on getting a bottle of something thrown their way. They also encourage the most beautiful girl to flirt with some guy for drinks.

What is it with drinks?

I also had a friend that would go out and drink a cheap drink like Smirnoff ice, but when a guy comes and offers her a drink, she would ask the waiter for some mojito which is almost three times the price.

When I talked to a few other women, they use terms like ‘wacha tukunywe pesa zake’ . This means that plan to make the guys buy drinks for them, and give them the run around after that.

On the other hand, guys in Nairobi sweat it out to buy drinks for women around here. They know that is all women want….and if you also buy one or two drinks for their friends, you earn some bonga points with her. However, some men know tricks women play. They will start buying women drinks as late as 2 am, that way, they ensure that you will go home with them. Apparently, if you start buying drinks for a woman too early, unachemshia mwenzako maji akaoge’ Ha! wanaume wana mambo! Nairobi chaps are learning your tricks women. Lol!

So, men are catching up with women’s tricks. Time to change the game ladies!

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