The Importance Of A Health Insurance Cover


I am always fascinated by the positive vibe that comes from Kenya-Shujaas winning their matches, athletes dominating the world, Kenyans crowd funding for others among other positives. It is also pleasant to hear that Kenyans are undoubtedly some of the most industrious people in Africa. It is evident from the thousands that flood the streets of Nairobi on their way to eking out a living. The rural areas are often abuzz with activities. After putting in many hours of labour, it is fair that we sit and celebrate the successes we achieve. But there’s more than what meets the eyes. Underneath the sweat and sweet smiles at the end of the day, we are faced by many challenges among which health challenges rank highly.

It is imperative that we should all have a plan to deal with any sort of ailment so that we are not deterred from our work. Besides eating healthy and exercising, a health insurance comes in handy in the event of an illness. We never plan or anticipate falling sick, but what happens in case you unexpectedly become sick? Will you fall into dire financial crisis that will make you lose all of your savings? For how long will spending out of your pocket sustain you?

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The fact that you are young and healthy now does not imply that a cover is not a necessity to you and your family. Paying monthly premiums will prove essential in the long run. There are firms where employers offer coverage but if you don’t have this incentive, then take it upon yourself to have a cover. Prior to this;

  • Choose a cover you can pay for-Decide what is within your financial means and what you can comfortably pay for and each month.
  • Go for credible insurance providers-Conduct your research to determine exactly what firm is credible and offers genuine policies. Beware of con agents.
  • Take time to read through and understand exactly the benefits you stand to gain from taking a cover.

According to Forbes, Insurance prices will vary depending on some of the following factors:

  • Age-Older people will pay higher premiums
  • Number of people to be insured
  • Chances of chronic diseases-those with chronic diseases will be required to pay higher than the standardized price.

The importance of a health insurance cannot be overstated. Here are some of the benefits of having a cover:

Financial well-being

Medical bills may soar to levels you are not able to sustain from your pocket. Treating some illnesses or accidents could be a tad too expensive but with an insurance cover you will rest assured that you will be cushioned against these costs.

Preventive healthcare services

With an insurance cover, you will have access to regular check-ups and screenings without an additional pay. This preventive care means that you will be more aware of your health and be able to treat any condition before it worsens and becomes expensive to treat. Even when you feel healthy, it would do no harm undergoing regular check-ups.

According to the type of cover you take, there are other specific benefits you stand to gain which include:

Inpatient and outpatient benefits

A medical cover normally includes both the inpatient and outpatient services. In case of you are hospitalized because of an illness or an accident, the inpatient benefits accrue. On the other hand, outpatient benefits apply where a client walks to a hospital for treatment and can later go home. Laboratory services, pharmacy services, consultation and other tests normally fall under these benefits.


With a cover, the insurance companies require you to pay a certain amount of cash, normally between sh. 100 and 1000. This is a low amount compared to what you would pay if you actually become ill. However, co-payments are aimed at discouraging clients from frequenting hospitals just because they have a cover.

Oversees treatment

In the event that you need to be treated elsewhere other than your country, say a foreign country, a medical cover will come to your aid for about a month and a half you will be away.

Maternity treatment

Pregnancy requires that the parent(s) be prepared. This preparation may include taking a medical cover for a maternity-related treatment such as pre-natal clinics, delivery (normal or C-section) and post-natal hospitalization which is normally less than a week.

Do not wait until a family member becomes ill to get a cover. If you can, do it now.

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