Suits N Mics: Swahili Sessions


Hip-hop had for a very long time been perceived as a low, disorganized art form. For many people all over the world, hip-hop had been known to have an unpleasant reputation where the rappers associated with the genre were considered gangsters and thugs. This however is not the case. Music, whatever genre it may be, has always had the power to influence a society; and that is the same case with the Suits and Mics: Swahili sessions.

Suits n Mics Swahili Edition

Suits And Mics is a live music experience that seeks to showcase a higher level of music presentation and delivery while providing a classy ambience for music lovers to mingle and enjoy the music on offer. It also provides a unique platform for fans and artists to interact under the atmosphere of the enviable art form that is Kenyan hip-hop.

The Suits and Mics Swahili sessions will be hosted at The Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom house on Saturday the 16th of July 2016. The event will feature Jerry Ogallo, Fused, Jemedari and Halisi the Band. The artists performing here are in a rare class of live performers and are thus unique acts on any stage. All Suits and Mics acts are great stage performers and carry unique signature sounds.

Born and raised in Nairobi’s Jericho estate, Jerry Ogallo first released his song “Wera’ in 2013 which opened him to new genres of music and was able to have cross genre collaborations with homegrown hip-hop artists such as Zakah, Benady, Mwafreeka and Phonz among others. He is currently working on his first album that promises to have a unique Sauti sol-esque sound.

Known for his social conscious element in his well-known tracks “Letter to the president”, “no competition” and the love song “Msenangu”, Jemedari has been hard at work ensuring that his music remains of high quality and integrity. He has also had a couple of television appearances and interviews including the MTV Road to MAMAs, NTV Viewerthon, The Citizen Breakfast Show and Grapevine. Jemedari shall use this as a listening session for his new material ahead of an album release later this year. Music lovers will get a chance to chip in in terms of the creative direction of the final album.

Halisi the band is a Kenyan gentleman quartet that fully incorporates the essence of art fusing with music. With their unique lyricism and romantic melodies, the ambassadors of love cleverly incorporate the western touch of harmonic arrangements, instrumentals and song composition making them authentic African masterpieces. One of their popular tracks is “Thum Mora”, a unique track that is a blend of Afro-fusion and an urban folk tune; a local tongue that translates to ‘Music makes me happy, this music is sweet’.

The event is set to be one of a kind because the music is unique and different, hard to find on radio and this edition promises nothing but fresh music and sounds all in the capable hands of the host PointBlank Evumbi. Get ready for intimate and intricate performances from the artists who promise to deliver nothing but warm, life giving fire to the audience.

Advance tickets go for only Kshs 300- call Martha on 0729171871.The tickets are Kshs 500 at the gate. Advance tickets are available until the 15th of July.

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