Fashion: Why You Need To Have A Maxi Or Two In Your Wardrobe

Gabrielle Union in a maxi dress. Image from

One of Kenya’s most loved basic closet items, the amazing maxi can almost do no wrong in our fashion eyes. The maxi dress does very many things right and very little wrong. It can be compared to an apple; it is very hard to find someone who doesn’t like an apple.

In addition to looking really good on a variety of body types it can also be fashionable and conservative at the same time, which is no easy fete for an outfit. We love the Maxi dress as you don’t have to do much thinking when it comes to creating your overall look; the maxi dress does most of the thinking and is acceptable to almost any event. In fact if someone comes up with a maxi dress for the office, it would be incredibly popular.

Beyonce Knowles. Image from //
Beyonce Knowles. Image from

Here are just a few reminders when selecting your next maxi dress (which you will) because you won’t be able to resist the temptation.

  • Empire waisted maxi dresses look good on everyone. They cinch in just below the bust to create an amazing silhouette. Especially if you are curvy and fabulous or have a blessed bust, empire waisted maxis are the perfect match.
  • If you are blessed with a generous bust, ensure the neckline is flattering by choosing either V-neck or boat shaped. If the maxi has a high neckline, you can cinch in your waist with a belt just below the bust to give you the much needed shape and balance. To be safe if this doesn’t look right when you try this tip with the belt, then ditch that maxi and pick one with a more flattering neckline. If you are pear shaped, pick a maxi dress with strappy shoulders and empire waist line, so as to draw the eye away from the hips.
  • You can pick a simple maxi and pair with dramatic jewelry or pick a dramatic maxi and pair with simple jewelry. Avoid having both, it confuses the eye and looks like you tried to wear all you have together. Balance is always key in building your look.
  • Maxi dresses come in a variety of colors and prints. While it’s good to pick bold prints be careful they are not hiding your best assets and shining a spotlight on your not so good areas. It doesn’t matter how great a print or color is, if the dress doesn’t flatter you, it’s best to leave it for someone else.
  • Foundation is still super important when it comes to maxi dresses. Unfortunately, bad foundation happens to good people. So you might be wearing this wonderful stretch maxi, as you go off to brunch with friends, shopping or a family event. Of course, your hair, makeup and shoes are amazing but as you seat down you catch a glimpse of yourself and something seems off. Yap, you forgot to wear the right bra, that would elongate your figure and instead you look shorter and thicker. As well, if you need it, don’t be shy to wear lingerie that cinches in your upper and lower waist (but still allows you to breathe). When it comes to looking fabulous, you have to put shyness aside.
  • Layer your maxi dress with textured pieces that add to the overall chicness to your outfit from leather jackets, denim jackets, chunky knits or boyfriend jackets.
maxi dress 2
Chanel Iman in a maxi dress. Image from

As one of Spring 2016 trends, the maxi dress is definitely here to stay. Here are a few more maxi dresses we would like to see being worn in the coming months.

  • Maxi dresses with a mix of prints. Mixing prints is daring and eclectic and a great way to elevate your closet. Mix up your florals, stripes, polka dots, abstract shapes, Kente, Ankara or Kitenge for a statement look. As noted above always pick a maxi dress that flatters your body type.
  • More timeless and elegant lace maxi dresses. Lace is the perfect material to wear to a wedding, it looks effortless and elegant. Plus lace allows you to combine the sheer trend for an ultra-feminine and daring look.
  • Plunge neck maxi dresses would be welcome, daring and a well worth it fashionable risk. Sorry, but this style is not recommended to anyone who is generously blessed with a bust.
  • Ruffles may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a well-placed dramatic ruffle can move a maxi dress from the usual to feminine and romantic.
  • Cut outs are one of the best trends to show of a flash of flesh without going over top. Maxi dresses with cut outs either on the shoulders, the chest area or the waist will be just enough to show you’re not wearing the same ordinary maxi dress.
Gabrielle Union in a maxi dress. Image from //
Gabrielle Union in a maxi dress. Image from

Whichever maxi dress rock this year from romantic, dramatic, boho or abstract, be sure to add your personal style to it.

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